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We are a full-service digital agency ready to guide you through the ever-changing digital world. You imagine it - we deliver it. Our main goal is your sucess. Our team's extensive experience is the best guarantee you need for the quality work we do.

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Featured Case Studies
Helene Otte |Web and Marketing Manager|Storm Textil

"They are responsive and open to new ideas."

Feedback summary: 

Sales increased after the redesign. Customers can expect to work with a cooperative, communicative, and transparent team.

Kornel Kovač |CTO |Boss Caffe

"The team really helped us understand digital marketing and UX."

Feedback summary: 

Studio Present’s efforts produced a double-digit decrease in bounce rate and a nearly 100% increase in time on site just weeks after launch. Employing an experienced, detail-oriented approach, they delivered creative results that catered to the user and established a unique business identity.