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Courage as a driving force: Software developer Slobodan Adamović and his move to Subotica

I started with basic knowledge and in less than a year I've made significant progress thanks to people who have selflessly shared their knowledge, skills and tricks from experience.

This is how the story of Slobodan Adamović begins, a dedicated and passionate programmer working at Studio Present.

Originally from Belgrade, where he has spent most of his life, Slobodan was driven by courage to realise his vision. He embarked on a unique journey through the IT world, gaining many experiences and learning lessons that have significantly shaped his career.

As we sit in the courtyard of Digital Hive, sipping coffee and enjoying the ambience and atmosphere of this space, Slobodan takes us on his unique journey, at least through his story. His words echo through the tranquil surroundings, giving us a glimpse into a world full of challenges, discoveries and constant learning. This journey is not only a reflection of Slobodan's passion for programming, but also a testament to the constant evolution, adaptation and pursuit of excellence in the dynamic world of IT.

Let's learn more about this particular journey and how Slobodan inspires us to find our own way in this all-encompassing digital age.


Relocation chronicle

Slobodan's engagement with Studio Present involved a unique arrangement of working from home and in Subotica, allowing him to spend two days a week in Subotica and the rest of the time working from home in Belgrade. This flexible working model allowed him to gradually get to know Subotica, adapt to a new working environment, feel the pulse of the city and consider the possibility of moving.

After the initial period of getting to know the atmosphere and dynamics of the city, Slobodan decided to move to Subotica permanently. The desire for new experiences, active participation in city life and developing professional skills in a new environment were key factors in his decision.

Slobodan's desire to stand on his own two feet and strive for better opportunities led him to Subotica, far from the hectic life of Belgrade. The quiet character of Subotica was a refreshing contrast to the "urban jungle" he was used to. The move was largely a personal initiative, but the support of colleagues played a crucial role in speeding up the process.

As we write about Slobodan's experience, we must humbly admit that his colleagues deserve some of the credit for his decision to move. In particular, Slobodan had the opportunity to meet our colleague Sara, who was already part of the Studio Present team. Sara enthusiastically told him about the working environment, the team and the projects we're working on, giving him an insight into the dynamism and creativity that characterise our company. This information sparked Slobodan's interest and led him to apply and become a part of our collective, bringing his knowledge and experience to the various projects we work on.


The challenge of the move wasn't just finding an apartment, although we all witnessed the difficulties tenants had in finding accommodation after the pandemic. One of Slobodan's biggest challenges was organising the necessary items to furnish the apartment, adapting to the new environment and getting used to everyday life in Subotica, which is very different from Belgrade.

However, he says he is eternally grateful to his colleagues Ivana and David for their inexhaustible moral support during this time.

Balance between work and personal life

In Subotica, Slobodan found the balance he was looking for. The proximity of his workplace saved him two precious hours a day, allowing him to do the activities he loves. This contrast to the high cost of living and time spent travelling in Belgrade gave him a better understanding of time and finances.

Studio Present became a place where Slobodan could grow and develop - in every sense of the word.

Flexible working hours allowed him to balance work and personal life. In his free time, Slobodan strives to make the most of every moment. He is a passionate sportsman who trains regularly and maintains a healthy and active lifestyle. In addition, this young programmer is a culinary enthusiast who often spends time cooking and exploring new recipes. But his passions don't end there. Slobodan is also a talented musician who fills his hours playing and exploring musical notes. However, despite all these activities, he never neglects the social aspect of his life and often finds time to socialise and share ideas and conversations with friends and colleagues.

Meeting challenges and discoveries

Slobodan's journey has not been without its challenges. The HeiExperts project was a significant challenge in his career, bringing a number of new insights and discoveries that allowed him to better understand himself as a developer. However, it also brought moments of doubt and anxiety when he questioned his abilities, until praise and validation reassured him. Slobodan emphasises the importance of communicating with colleagues, even on less pleasant topics. Sharing thoughts and experiences allows individuals to see the situation from different perspectives and to notice aspects they might not have seen on their own. Open dialogue can reveal hidden truths and provide different views on a problem, which can be invaluable. Praise and affirmation from colleagues can be extremely powerful, as it not only boosts self-confidence, but also helps to develop a sense of competence and empowers individuals to approach challenges and seek solutions with greater courage. These interactions created an environment where support and mutual respect were key to developing both the individual and the team as a whole, creating a space where each team member was valued and everyone could freely express their thoughts and feelings.

Slobodan emphasised the importance of communication and organisation within the company and credited Studio Present with excelling in these areas. He sees the concept of setting quarterly targets not as a binding norm, but as an inspiring element that motivates people to develop their skills and make a significant contribution to the overall development of the company.


Insights and aspirations for the future

Talking about Slobodan's aspirations for the future, he wants to position himself as a trustworthy person, someone on whom others can rely. He has a strong desire to continue to develop and refine his role as a developer, thereby making a significant contribution to the development of Studio Present and the IT scene in Subotica.

He spoke gratefully about colleagues who were mentors at the beginning of his career, stressing that their support and guidance were irreplaceable in his professional development. He wants to follow their example and offer the same level of support, knowledge and inspiration to future programmers and colleagues. He believes that he can be a driving force in the development of others, helping them to realise their full potential and overcome the challenges of the IT world.

Slobodan's vision for the future is driven not only by a desire for personal advancement, but also by a desire to create an environment that encourages mutual learning, the exchange of ideas and continuous development. He believes that a true leader is not just the one with the most knowledge or experience, but the one who can inspire, motivate and guide, enabling everyone around them to grow and succeed.


Subotica: A city of contrasts and harmony

Subotica offered Slobodan a break from the hustle and bustle of Belgrade, offering a harmonious symbiosis of tranquillity and modernity. Slobodan managed to familiarise himself with the place, embracing the peculiarities of the city and its inhabitants. The more relaxed pace of life in Subotica was a particularly refreshing change from the constant hustle and bustle of Belgrade.

He did, however, point out the limitations in terms of places to go out, emphasising the differences in what is on offer in different cities.

Each city has something to offer, but it is the variety that makes the difference.

When he misses the hustle and bustle, the lively entertainment and all the diversity that the capital has to offer, Slobodan travels to Belgrade for the weekend. He enjoys the variety and dynamism of a large city, but also looks forward to returning to the peace and tranquillity of Subotica. makes the difference.

An open call to anyone with a dilemma

Slobodan Adamović emphasises the need for continuous learning and adaptation, and shares his personal views and advice with anyone on a similar journey. "Don't be afraid! Jump into the adventure, discover the unknown and learn something new," he advises. "Meeting new people and cultures broadens your horizons and brings a fresh perspective, which can be the key to success".

Slobodan especially invites programmers, whether they come from larger cities or smaller environments, to consider moving to Subotica. "The city offers many opportunities and different perspectives, and the IT scene here is constantly developing and expanding. There's a chance to become an integral part of this dynamic ecosystem and contribute with your unique skills and knowledge".

He sees Subotica as a place where you can live a balanced life while being part of an exciting and innovative industry. "Changing environments can be challenging, but it's an opportunity to grow and improve, to build bridges and make new connections. For those considering a change, I encourage you to take the plunge. Subotica has its own charm and atmosphere and is waiting for you to discover all that it has to offer".

For Slobodan, this approach is not just about a change of residence or career development, but also about broadening horizons, learning and growing on a personal level. He believes that embracing diversity and taking on new challenges leads to personal enrichment and development, and invites everyone to open up to new opportunities and experiences.

Come and enrich your life. Even if you don't like it and go back, you'll have wonderful memories.