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Open day at Studio Present

Open Day is an event in which everyone can join us and become an equal member of the Studio Present company for one day.

This way, people can feel firsthand how it looks like to be part of an IT company.

Our guests are able to see how the project manager organizes tasks for our developers. What does it look like to be part of an ordinary daily meeting or a quick online check-in with the client. What web technologies are nowadays standard. Which metrics do marketers follow to make the right decisions in order to drive traffic and boost sales.

And much, much more…

We believe that this is a great way to bring the full experience of an IT company's daily routine closer to people.

And, if there will be even one person who’ll click and say: “This is the right thing for me, I want to be part of it”, our mission will be accomplished and we’ll be truly proud that we were part of that decision.