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Embedded engeneering

What you are getting with us?

  • Cutting-edge product through embedded engineering services.
  • Seamlessly integrate advanced hardware and robust software.
  • Hardware engineering team and embedded software developers team.
  • Guided through every development phase.
  • Market ready product assured.


Let’s talk about your project

You are here bacause

Are you concerned about the technical expertise required to navigate firmware development challenges?

Are you facing challenges in ensuring smooth communication between firmware and hardware?

Do you find identifying and resolving firmware-related issues time-consuming?

Are you concerned about the portability of your firmware to various devices?

Are you finding it challenging to assemble a capable firmware development team?

Do evolving project needs hinder your firmware development progress?

Do you find it difficult to balance the need for thorough development with the urgency to launch quickly?

Do you find it difficult to ensure seamless communication and compatibility between different hardware elements?

Do you find navigating the regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance challenging?

Been there done that

The strongest assurance that you will get a good team behind your product is tha fact that we are building things, both hardware and software!

Firmware Development Services

Build a cutting-edge device using our firmware and embedded software development services.

Leverage our strong expertise in hardware and software development, receive quality OTA updates, implement popular IoT communication protocols based on MQTT and REST API, and enter the market without delays.


Firmware Architecture

Commencing with vital component selection, I/Os, and communication protocols, extending to bootloader, drivers, OS, and app-level design, we'll collaborate to craft the optimal hardware and software architecture that aligns with your product goals and user expectations.


Communication Protocols

Incorporate widely-adopted IoT protocols including MQTT, HTTPS, TCP, UDP. Utilize short-range wireless communication technologies such as BLE, WiFi, ZigBee, Matter and Thread, as well as low-power wide area networks.

GUI (interface) design
  • Web base
  • Mobile application (iOS, Android)
  • Showing information on different kind of displays (tablets, panels)
  • Prototyping
  • Making a design systems
  • Real life user testing
Hardware development

Embark on the journey of crafting your embedded hardware product, beginning from a proof of concept (PoC) and progressing to a fully functional MVP.

Our mechanical and electrical engineers provide unwavering support throughout the entire development process."

Hardware Communication Protocols

Bluetooth and BLE, WiFi, Ethernet, UART, PWM, KNX, ModBus, CanBus, OneWire, I2C, IR

We Are Here to Listen to You

Your ideas and insights hold real value. Our team is here to listen, to understand, to comprehend your vision, challenges, and specific needs.

By truly understanding your requirements, we can tailor solutions that perfectly align your expectations.

We Support You at Every Step

You're not alone. From the first steps to implementation and beyond, we're right by your side.

Our support accompanies you through every phase of your project. Whether it's technical guidance, strategic planning, or issue resolution, our experts are committed to ensuring a seamless customer experience. 

Let's script your success story together.

Server infrastructure
  • Messaging broker
  • Real time backend services
  • Highly scalable Databases
  • Time series data logging
  • Workflow automation - Pipeline CI/CD
  • Automated software testing
  • Automated zero downtime deployment
  • Automated infrastructure management
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