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Typo3 development

We are TYPO3 integrators with experienced team of 40+ experts.

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TYPO3 questions that you are thinking of

You need a smooth version migration to newest TYPO3?

Do you struggle with TYPO3's theme customization?

You need a custom made extension for TYPO3?

You need a performance optimization in TYPO3 because of SEO?

Do version updates and maintenance resonate with you in TYPO3?

You need a multi language support?

Is there a thoughts of vendor lock-in?

You need a BITV 2.0 (Accessibility) support for TYPO3?

You have problems with automatic deployment?

Why to choose us?

Experience Senior TYPO3 developers and professional services for your unique needs.

We will bring a experience and a dedicated commitment to your company. We are creators of remarkable websites, personalized themes, and cutting-edge extensions, they turn your vision into reality.

Our Project Approach:

  • A lot of communication with a client before the programming work started
  • Seamless Multi-Environment Setup (.stage .production)
  • Version Control with Gitlab
  • Streamlined CI/CD Integration
  • Automated Testing Implementation
  • Effective Project Management Tools for Seamless Communication
We have TYPO3 Certified Developers and Consultants

Studio Present has certified Consultants and Developers.

Read more why the certification is important.

Your Success is Our Success

With Studio Present, your success is our driving force. We understand that your accomplishments fuel our growth.

Our team of dedicated TYPO3 experts is committed to creating solutions that not only meet your objectives but exceed your expectations. Your achievements are our ultimate goal.

We Are Here to Listen to You

Your ideas and insights hold immense value. We believe that exceptional TYPO3 development begins by actively listening. Our team is here to comprehend your vision, challenges, and specific needs.

By truly understanding your requirements, we can tailor solutions that perfectly align.

We Support You at Every Step

Embarking on a TYPO3 development journey? You're not alone. From conceptualization to implementation and beyond, we're right by your side.

Our steadfast support accompanies you through every phase of your project. Whether it's technical guidance, strategic planning, or issue resolution, our experts are committed to ensuring a seamless TYPO3 experience. Let's script your success story together.

Lets talk!

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Benefits of using TYPO3

1. Versatility: TYPO3 is highly versatile, capable of handling simple to complex websites, intranets, extranets, and more.

2. Open Source: Being an open-source platform, TYPO3 is cost-effective and doesn't require licensing fees.

3. Scalability: TYPO3 can easily scale to accommodate growing content and user demands.

4. Multilingual Support: Built-in support for managing multilingual content and websites.

5. Customization: Provides a wide range of customizable templates, extensions, and themes to tailor your website to your brand.

6. Flexibility: Offers a flexible architecture that allows developers to create custom extensions and functionalities.

7. Content Management: User-friendly interface and intuitive content management tools make updating and managing content easy.

8. Rich Media Handling: Efficiently manages various media types like images, videos, and documents.

9. SEO-Friendly: TYPO3 supports SEO best practices, helping improve your website's search engine rankings.

10. Responsive Design: Built-in support for responsive design ensures your website looks great on different devices.

11. Accessibility: TYPO3 supports web accessibility standards, ensuring your website is usable by people with disabilities.

12. Security: Regular updates and a dedicated security team make TYPO3 a secure CMS choice.

13. User Permissions: Advanced user permission settings allow you to control who can access and edit specific content.

14. Workflow Management: Provides tools for defining and managing content approval workflows.

15. Multisite Management: Easily manage multiple websites from a single TYPO3 instance.

16. Extensions Marketplace: A vast ecosystem of extensions allows you to add functionalities without reinventing the wheel.

17. Integration Capabilities: TYPO3 can integrate with various third-party systems, such as CRM and e-commerce platforms.

18. Community and Support: A strong community and active forums provide ample support and resources.

19. Performance: TYPO3's caching mechanisms and optimization options contribute to improved website performance.

20. Long-Term Viability: TYPO3 has a long history and a strong user base, ensuring its continued development and support.