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Typo3 development

We are TYPO3 integrators with experienced team of 40+ experts.

Let’s talk about your project

TYPO3 questions that you are thinking of

You need a smooth version migration to newest TYPO3?

Do you struggle with TYPO3's theme customization?

You need a custom made extension for TYPO3?

You need a performance optimization in TYPO3 because of SEO?

Do version updates and maintenance resonate with you in TYPO3?

You need a multi language support?

Is there a thoughts of vendor lock-in?

You need a BITV 2.0 (Accessibility) support for TYPO3?

You have problems with automatic deployment?

Why to choose us?

Experience Senior TYPO3 developers and professional services for your unique needs.

We will bring a experience and a dedicated commitment to your company. We are creators of remarkable websites, personalized themes, and cutting-edge extensions, they turn your vision into reality.

Our Project Approach:

  • A lot of communication with a client before the programming work started
  • Seamless Multi-Environment Setup (.stage .production)
  • Version Control with Gitlab
  • Streamlined CI/CD Integration
  • Automated Testing Implementation
  • Effective Project Management Tools for Seamless Communication
We have TYPO3 Certified Developers and Consultants

Studio Present has certified Consultants and Developers.

Read more why the certification is important.

We Support You at Every Step

Embarking on a TYPO3 development journey? You're not alone. From conceptualization to implementation and beyond, we're right by your side.

Our steadfast support accompanies you through every phase of your project. Whether it's technical guidance, strategic planning, or issue resolution, our experts are committed to ensuring a seamless TYPO3 experience. Let's script your success story together.

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