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Mobile app development

You need to have a mobile application for your service?

Let us help you with that

Functional prototype with design before coding

Bring your business goals to the application

Publish the application on Play Store and Apple Store.

Can you relate yourself?

Are you facing challenges in outlining a clear and effective strategy for your app's development and success?

Are you struggling to balance your desired app features with your available budget?

Have you considered the need for ongoing support, updates, and bug fixes after your app's launch?

Do you need an experienced team to make interface and visually appealing design for your app?

Are you unsure whether to develop your app for iOS, Android, or both platforms?

Are you facing challenges in identifying a skilled and reliable mobile app development team?

Do you need effectively communicating platform to bring your ideas to the development team?

Do you have concerns about integrating your app with existing software or databases or API?

How are you planning to address the security of user data and sensitive information within your app?

Are you worried about potential delays in the app development process?

You are confused about technical challenges of mobile app development?

Let’s deep dive into technical details

Benefits of Automatic Deployment

Enables quick, error-minimized app updates for enhanced user experience.

  • Rapid Deployment
Swift deployment of new features to users is crucial.
  • Automatized Process Order

    Deployment process is automated following a sequence.
  • Continuous Integration (CI)
App is built and tested automatically upon code changes.
  • Versioning
App versioning is carefully managed to meet app store requirements.
  • Release Management
CI generates necessary files for app store releases, facilitating automated uploads.
  • Optimized Workflow

    Developed workflows streamline the entire process.
  • Single Command Convenience

    New app releases on Play Store and Apple Store achievable in ~15 minutes.
Scalable application

A scalable application is one that can handle increased demand, user traffic, and data volume without experiencing a decrease in performance or reliability.
Building a scalable application requires careful planning and consideration of different components that make up the application architecture. Here are some important components of a scalable application:

  • Load balancer
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Database scaling
  • Caching
  • Microservices
  • Cloud infrastructure

Messaging brokers


Are used to enable communication between different applications and services, even if they are written in different programming languages or run on different platforms. They can also provide additional features such as message filtering, message transformation, and message routing.

Messaging brokers are commonly used in enterprise systems, where they can facilitate the integration of different systems and applications. Messaging brokers are used in out Smart Pierre system.

Native application or hybrid


Based on specific needs we are able to produce native application using Android Studio, Xcode, Kotlin (KMM).

Sometimes, only the part of applications needs to be native. With our experience, including the time and budget factor, we can decide what is the right technology for specific task.

C++ and Java

Based on your requirement and preferences we can make an app using C++, Java or both.

We are using C++ for low-level programming for developing high-performance components, such as game engines, multimedia applications, and real-time applications. Java is for developing the core application logic, creating the UI, handling data storage, and managing app resources.

GIS (Maps)

In our expertise there is a lot experience regarding maps, different layers, location based services, geo fencing.

If your application have something to do with the location services, realtime coordination data, cacheing the images and geo data, we are the right shop to work with. Using the maps, online or offline, update the new content based on some trigger, event... This is the type of work we are familiar with.

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Dr. Annika Aurbach |

Together with StudioPresent, we were able to successfully complete our product within a year.

Many thanks for the excellent and agile implementation

as well as the trusting communication.

Mobile application development based on React Native technology
  • Fast application development
  • Saving time and money for more than 30%
  • With a single code base you can cover ~80% of both Android and iOS devices (Cross-platform compatibility)
  • Fairly good performances
  • Simple learning curve for new developers
  • Open-source framework that enables developers to write an app in JavaScript and render it with native UI elements
  • Rich ecosystem, large community of developers
  • Advanced native functions like GPS, Camera, Notifications sometimes needs to be written for specific OS
  • Performances are not the same like in the native builds
  • Limited access to native APIs, some platform-specific features may not be available
Testing (manual, functional)

We are covering:

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • User Interface (UI) Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

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