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EuRepoC - European Repository for Cyber Incidents

The European Repository of Cyber Incidents (EuRepoC) is an independent research consortium dedicated to better understanding the cyber threat environment, particularly in the European Union. As a public information forum, it aims to be a resource for its member institutions, government officials, civil society, business leaders, journalists, educators, students and other interested citizens to support well-informed public debates and evidence-based policy making.

What EuRepoC does:
  • Publishes up-to-date data on cyber incidents, accessible through the interactive cyber incident dashboard and various specific trackers  
  • Provides up-to-date information and analysis on cyber incidents and EU cyber policy 
  • Convenes stakeholders with EuRepoC researchers in research and policy-oriented forums to discuss cyber conflict issues in Berlin, Innsbruck, Tallinn and Heidelberg 
  • Expanding the diverse and increasingly European network of independent research organisations that foster interest and expertise in the next generation of cybersecurity researchers, e.g. through specialised training programmes.

The biggest challenge was to gather massive amounts of data from multiple data sources into an AI database, which would validate it before the information could be displayed on the dashboard.

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The Consortium


EuRepoC is a consortium of four independent EU-based research institutes dedicated to evidence-based policy analysis:

- University of Heidelberg - Institute of Political Science
- German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)
- University of Innsbruck - Institute for the Theory and Future of Law
- Cyber Policy Institute





The solution is an interactive dashboard that visually presents up-to-date cyber incident data and analysis.

Tools and technologies used
  • Strapi CMS
  • Node JS
  • Emotion
  • React
  • Next JS
  • Apollo
  • Elasticsearch
Here's their promo video. Check it out.

The results

The main feature of this website is its interactive dashboard. Using maps and graphs, it visually displays key findings on cyber-attacks that have occurred between the two countries. Visitors to the site can also view profiles of cyber actors and various reports and analyses.

What our clients say about us
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Dr. Annika Aurbach |

Together with StudioPresent, we were able to successfully complete our product within a year.

Many thanks for the excellent and agile implementation
as well as the trusting communication.

Camille Borrett | EuRepoC

Studio Present helped us in the initial implementation of our project. They developed a reliable and efficient data management infrastructure that forms the bedrock of our operations. The team at Studio Present was quick to understand our goals and deliver effective technical solutions while maintaining availability for our queries.


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