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University of Regensburg

The University of Regensburg (UR), founded in 1962, is a modern campus university on the southern edge of the medieval city of Regensburg. The university has a wide range of disciplines and at the same time impresses with its excellent infrastructure.


Business goals
  1. Create easy to use online learning platform 
  2. Increase transparency and communication 
  3. Create a stable and secure portal for students and professors 
  4. Implement new features
  1. User-Friendly Online Learning Platform Our goal was to create an easily navigable online learning interface. The intuitive and user-friendly platform allows students and professors to access course materials, utilize interactive tools, and communicate efficiently.
  2. Enhanced Transparency and Communication The platform aims to enhance transparency and communication within the university. Students can easily access information related to courses, such as schedules, locations, and communication channels. Meanwhile, professors can communicate with students, provide feedback, and offer assistance throughout the learning process.
  3. Stable and Secure Portal for Students and Professors We have designed a stable and secure portal that ensures reliability and data security for both students and professors. The platform employs robust infrastructure and advanced data protection measures, allowing users to engage with confidence, knowing their information is safeguarded.
  4. Implementation of New Features Continual development of the platform has enabled the introduction of new features. These innovations aim to increase interactivity, enhance the online learning experience, and improve the efficiency of the educational process. New tools and capabilities, such as collaborative workspaces, virtual laboratories, and personalized learning paths, empower students to acquire knowledge effectively. Our collaboration with the University of Regensburg has focused on harnessing the benefits of modern online learning, improving communication, and creating an innovative learning environment. We are delighted to have contributed to the advancement of the University of Regensburg and the enhancement of the educational experience.
Online Learning Platform - University of Regensburg

During our collaboration with the University of Regensburg, we developed a next-generation online learning platform focusing on user-friendly navigation, enhanced transparency and communication, a stable and secure portal, and the implementation of new features. Our contribution aimed to harness the benefits of modern online learning, improve communication, and create an innovative learning environment.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to use the existing platform and to set it up from the beginning and configure it so we can have a stable basis for achieving desired goals. We completely changed UX in order to have an easy-to-use online learning platform. 


  1. Drupal 9
  2. Advanced dashboard/log for all communications and collaborations 
  3. Custom created collaborations for student’s/professor’s work 
  4. Custom roles for students and professors 
  5. Different levels of access to different parts of the platform 
  6. Integration with chat platform and Open Social

Regensburg's Global Talent Mentoring project mockups

GTN Mockups
GTN Mockups
GTN Mockups
GTN Mockups