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Goulash cooking contest

Second cooking contest in September? We had a great first time, so why not repeat it?

This time, our friends from the neighboring company ICB Tech joined us. And yes, 7 teams were competing with each other for the first place, but the most important thing is that we had fun hanging out.

But don't think this competition was just that. There was also the jury that gave it a more serious note by evaluating not just the taste, but also the chefs' mood, equipment, tidiness and other things (like their vibe 😄).

They didn't have an easy task, but the tiny details decided that Andor is the winner. Congratulations Andor, but don't get too comfy because Damir is waiting for you in the grand finale. 

Also, the contest between two bitter rivals was very close and ended with Danijel taking 2nd place, right in front of his main competitor Attila who took 3rd place.

Awards were well deserved, but there were no complaints about other teams' cooking either. Moreover, everything was eaten or brought home.

There is no reason why this contest wouldn't take place once again. We had a great time, filled our bellies and, once again, felt at home. 🙂