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Discover paths, plants and animals all over Bavaria with just one app. Entertaining expert knowledge for nature lovers and those who want to become one. Published by the Bavarian State Government.

Together with Studio Present, we were able to successfully complete our product within a year. Many thanks for the excellent and agile implementation as well as the trusting communication. (Annika,

Client's needs:

The client (Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection) wanted iOS, Android and web applications with the same functionalities that:

  1. Can publically show the data collected over 3 years within the Bavarian region about animals, plants, habitats, POIs, and other geo content of great importance.
  2. Can present the data in a map view and in a list view.
  3. Have an advanced search algorithm based on 10-factor relevancy scoring.

Also, their mobile application needed to have an easy search of entered data and smart filtering of the results.

The client wanted the possibility of recording, processing, sorting and modifying the data over time. But also the possibility for users to contribute with their images of landscapes and POSs, within the comparison widget "Bavaria Before/After".


Collecting data: The first part of the project was the upgrade and maintenance of the Drupal CMS in charge of all the data about the living world and geographical information. We did a series of improvements to help the content editor enter and adjust the data easily. One of the biggest tasks was making the importers from different government sources. 

Design and database architecture for iOS, Android and web applications that can publicly show the collected data

Main parts of the mobile application:

Map view: There are 3 types of maps included, they are presented as layers, like vector, satellite, and spatial.

The users can also enable the biking and hiking routes and additional city information. The data are clustered with the Leaflet function, and different kinds of points are represented within individual pins.

Lexicon (List) function: The aim of the map was to show the geographical content where are all the routes, POIs, and trails, but in the list, we also enabled showing the animals, birds, mushrooms, and habitats.

Advanced Search: The app function that will give you the results such as where you can spot a bear, what he eats, who eats him, when is the mating period, whether is it the species in endangerment status, and much more information.

Media: Every content is rich in sound, videos and images for better user experience.

Geofencing: The goal of the application is to be used most of the time in nature, in the woods, mountains... And some of those areas are restricted for access. Some are restricted all the time some periodically during the year. The application will send you a notification if are near a restricted area and informed you about why it's restricted and why you should not get in there.

Another good use of geofencing technology is to inform the users when they are near some POI place.

Social element: Everyone has the opportunity to be a contributor to the growth of application content. This application section is called "Bavaria Before/After". The editors put a lot of old images of rivers, mountains, woods, and landscapes... and the users now have the possibility to upload the current image of that same place and view. Here we developed a comparison widget. Now, in an interactive way, you will be able to compare old and new images to see the differences over time.

*Everything is similar for the web application except GPS functionalities (Location based notifications and Geofencing).

  • React
  • React Native
  • Drupal
  • Next.js
  • Realm
  • MongoDB
  • Multiple GIS services
  • APIs
App interface

These screenshots showcase the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Nature Digital’s app. With seamless navigation and clear visual cues, users can easily grasp its functionalities right from their first interaction. 

nature digital 1
nature digital 2
nature digital 3
nature digital 4
nature digital 5
The project initiator

The Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection initiated this project with a compelling vision — to empower app users to connect with nature like never before.

We helped them pave the way for this groundbreaking project, aiming to revolutionize the way people interact with nature and promote sustainable practices for generations to come.