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Pierre Smart Home Solution

Pierre is a smart home system that lets its user control and automate lighting, heating, cooling, property access, security system, irrigation and other functions in their house, flat, hotel, or building. And all that with just one app.

“The team at Studio Present has consistently delivered exceptional work and has exceeded my expectations time and time again. Our partnership has not only grown over the years but has also become a strategic asset for Pierre. I look forward to continuing our successful collaboration with them in the future.”

(Atila Szenci, co-owner of Pierre)
Client’s needs

The client's goal is to efficiently manage their IoT smart devices using iOS and Android applications. Their top priorities are fast execution of application functions and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, ongoing maintenance and regular updates to the app with new features are essential for this project.


UI/UX: We meticulously crafted, extensively tested, and skillfully developed an app interface that effortlessly guides users, ensuring immediate comprehension upon their very first interaction.

Also, to be able to do our job more efficiently, we automatized the process of building, testing and deploying to Google Play and AppStore.

Speed: ​​We have created a high-speed server infrastructure that enables seamless communication between IoT devices and our app, ensuring near-instantaneous response times.

To achieve this, we expanded the capabilities of React Native by integrating Java and C++ modules. This enhancement empowered us to overcome the limitations of React Native and transform it into a multi-threaded platform capable of executing multiple tasks concurrently.

App functionalities: Besides standard functionalities, in the Pierre app we integrated a camera, location recognition, RFID access reader, notifications, emergency calls, widgets and other. Also, the app is integrated with iOS and Android native automatizations which allows Pierre to use the smartphone’s features to perform its functionalities.

Technologies used


  • React Native 
  • c++
  • Java
  • Shell Script
  • Node.js
  • Objective-C
  • TypeScript
  • Kubernetes
  • CI/CD
  • Figma


App interface

These screenshots showcase the intuitive and user-friendly interface of Pierre's smart home app. With seamless navigation and clear visual cues, users can easily grasp its functionalities right from their first interaction. For a more interactive experience, you can also explore the app demo available on Google Play and AppStore.

Pierre dashboard
Pierre scenarios
Pierre intercom
Pierre keys
Pierre profile
Pierre termostat
Pierre scenarios