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Belmil needed a partner to present Creativity and Playfulness, Child-centeredness, Uniqueness, and Honesty of their products, in a custom developed eCommerce solution. 

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Business Goals
  1. Develop an eCommerce store for the German market
  2. Present the Belmil brand to a German market in the best possible way
  3. Improve sales and increase the profit 
  4. Present Belmil as a trustworthy e-Commerce
The challenge

Since this was the first webshop for Belmil, we had to research the German market and include the client’s wishes in the best possible way, fulfill the needs of German customers and develop an exceptional e-Commerce store.  

  1. Enterprise eCommerce store based on Drupal commerce
  2. Designed a product page with specifications and short descriptions about each product
  3. Extensive research of the German market to get the best possible results out of new e-Commerce
  4. Wide range of different filters for product search by motive, color, age, gender, size, activities, etc
  5. Search products by your children's favorite motive (animals, cartoons, sports) 
  6. Video product preview integrated into the product page with a strong focus on UX 
  7. An integrated slider into the product page so visitors can immediately have a preview of different product variations
  8. Custom paragraphs module for a product description page to achieve better UX
  9. Integration with Google Shopping, Facebook catalog, and push notifications

We developed eCommerce for the German market with all the important specifications included and detailed descriptions of the products with focus on the great mobile devices UX. Users can search products by motive, kid’s age, sports activities, or travel luggage. 

belmil mockup
belmil mockup
belmil mockup