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Team building 2022

Where can you get to know your colleagues better than on team building?

For example, if team building did not take place this weekend at Lake Balaton in Hungary we wouldn't find out about:

- Damir's enviable cooking (and drinking) skills 🥇,
- Zoran's devotion to imitating a mole,
- Sara's fantastic volleyball serve,
- Ivana's creative hairdryer illustration 😏,
- Nađa's extensive sleeping abilities,
- Aleksa's and Željko's impressive negotiating skills 👮 ...

...and Szenci wouldn't prove once again how great a singer he actually is.

Besides these new findings, partying, cooking contest, sailing and a very high-quality banter made this year's teambuilding memorable for years to come. Check this video to see why we say that: