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Energie Zukunft Schweiz

Energie Zukunft Schweiz AG is a leading force on the path to a completely renewable energy supply. As an innovative actor, the company is committed to the efficient implementation of the energy transition and supports energy suppliers, participants in the real estate industry, public authorities and private individuals in implementing their energy transition in a practical and profitable way.

Business goals

Make the platform easy to use

Make it easy to create and manage applications

Enable automated messaging based on application status

Implement application status tracking

Allow applicants to view the next steps in their application

Create multi-level user management

The Challenge

The biggest challenge was to build a completely new system from scratch, because the current one wasn't flexible and ready to adapt to future needs. We created a system that could communicate with different types of other systems.

The Implementation
  • The goal was to create a platform for handling and processing applications for subsidies for new wood heating systems and heat pumps.
  • Studio Present created the basis for this by linking the payment procedures for several 10,000 applications.
  • In order to focus on user-friendliness, it was necessary to consider the creation of calculations as well as a payment overview with delivery as a download.
  • The project was particularly characterised by the individual development for the entire workflow of the employees. This is reflected in the form of chat communication, the assignment of tasks to different users, the import and export of relevant data, document management in the platform and the integration of ERP systems.
  • A multi-level user management system with appropriate rights assignment and multi-language support was also set up. Another important part of our work was to integrate QA procedures into the platform by approving and confirming higher level roles.
  • This project is ongoing and we are constantly developing new features. The latest request was to create a completely new funding programme for electrical energy efficiency, "ProKilowatt". Again, new rules, new logic, new calculations were added to streamline the application process.
  • Platform for funding in Drupal 10
  • Different statuses of the application
  • Communication platform for all participants 
  • Easy creation and management of applications
  • Great overview and statistics of applications
  • Complex web forms with complex variables
  • Backup system for files and databases
  • Connection to data analysis tool
  • 2FA Authentication

The results

What our clients say about us
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Dr. Annika Aurbach |

Together with StudioPresent, we were able to successfully complete our product within a year.

Many thanks for the excellent and agile implementation
as well as the trusting communication.

Camille Borrett | EuRepoC

Studio Present helped us in the initial implementation of our project. They developed a reliable and efficient data management infrastructure that forms the bedrock of our operations. The team at Studio Present was quick to understand our goals and deliver effective technical solutions while maintaining availability for our queries.

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