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Web development, Web programing, Drupal, Web design

We Drupal

If we need to describe ourselves, we would say that we are a Drupal development company. We love Drupal because Drupal is awesome.

Drupal is one of the best choices for clients who need reliable, modern and cost effective online presence from beautiful small websites to large e-commerce solutions or huge heavy traffic sites. For example, the US White House uses it.

Drupal has a great community, and we are happy to be part of it. From 2016 we are proud members of the Drupal Association. Constant contribution to the community is the main part of a good Drupal dev. company.

We made hundreds of projects in Drupal and developed many modules for it. One of these is our brand new D8 Behance module which is used here in our portfolio page.

Learn more about Drupal on drupal.org.

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Studio Present Thunder intergrator

We are happy to announce that we became official Thunder integrators. Thunder is Drupal distribution for online medias, read more about it.


Beautiful websites

Need a brand new design for your project? You are in good hands. Foundation, Omega and Bootstrap are the frameworks we specialize in. Needless to say, UX and UI are always in the focus of our attention when designing both large and small screens.



    • Unique, fast, useful, practical and customized design
    • .PSD to HTML5 and CSS3 with a little bit of .js
    • Custom Drupal 7, 8 themes (e-commerce, medicine, automotive industry, corporate etc.)
    • UX design for web and mobile
    • Logo design and brand building
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    Web programing

    Our team has mainly PHP and JS developers who are ready to create custom Drupal modules for your company. In addition, they will make new site features for large and small screens.


      • Quality semantic code and application
      • Best practices integrating JS, PHP with JSON objects
      • Deep understanding of core Drupal functions
      • Serverside data caching for speed optimization
      • Custom Drupal modules of any kind
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      Custom web applications

      Save your time and use the software that has excellent cloud solutions. These solutions make a company’s life easier as they are accessible from any device, and help you understand your client’s needs.


        • User-friendly and fast web applications
        • Solutions for all screen types
        • Super intelligent synchronization between web and apps
        • Large data systematization
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        Android apps development

        We love to integrate Android apps with softwares. Expect solutions, ideas, wireframes, prototypes and working apps from us.


          • Native Android apps, fast and user-friendly
          • We can do only design and flowchart or complete app dev
          • Apps integration with Drupal backend
          • Merchandising systems with central headquarters administrations
          • Consulting about apps and functions
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          E-commerce solution

          If you are planning to have a webshop, you can rely on us! Our 10 years of experience in webshop development and marketing activity is at your service anytime.


            • Pleasant web store design with customer-centric design patterns
            • No registration needed system for fast checkout process
            • CRM and Accounting software integrations
            • Shipping costs by weight or some other parameters
            • Custom e-mail notifiactions based on user groups
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            Drupal development

            The world we live in is full of integrations, and people need to familiarise themselves with them. We can help you in the process, and also link accounting software and shipping  API with your e-shop.


            • Drupal integrations with CRM software, helpdesks, accounting with shipping software, SIP trunk systems, wearables
            • IoT integrations with central Drupal CMS
            • SMS and digital voicemail integrations
            • Payment processors gateway integrations, Paypal, CC, Skrill etc.
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            We are good at remote work

            We have a great number of clients in all over the world. Canada, USA, Hungary, Belgium, Australia, Slovenia and the Netherlands are just some of the countries where clients trust us.

            Our team communicates effectively in multiple languages. We are reachable over Skype, Viber, E-mail, Slack or Phone in every minute.

            With existing clients we are using Active Collab project management system to communicate, and to deal with tasks and time tracking.


            The New Luxury Residences

            Search Portal for exclusive villas and apartments in Greece, Montenegro and Croatia. It is possible to search by map, price, number of rooms, lifestyle.

            As an additional option, the questionnaire (the quiz) - filter narrows selection of villa, based on visitor preferences. The site has pages for service, contact and is optimized for mobile devices.

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            thenewluxuryresidences.com thenewluxuryresidences.com thenewluxuryresidences.com

            Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan app


            Sales service for Zvonko Bogdan Winery. In the field, merchandiser use a mobile application that helps them to know what is happening in one of the restaurants where wine ZB is served, every moment. They can mark, which is the best-selling wine, which is used only in a bottle. Also, they can order promotional materials, enter contact details of employees, etc.  

            All that oversees Head of sales through the web interface. He always know where are the merchandisers, what they did or what they plan to do, etc.

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            Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan app dashboard Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan app login Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan app - vine placement

            Renner BT

            On the Renner BT website we have made fast system navigation with the help of “mega menu” through which the main categories of products can be reached directly.

            The products have a code and their features are also listed on the website. Besides the name and the code each product has a longer description about its features, a picture and a cross-sectional view next to one another. In addition, a PDF brochure is available that can be downloaded.

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            rennerbt.hu - Site development by Studio Present rennerbt.hu - Site development by Studio Present rennerbt.hu - Site development by Studio Present


            Panorama Aqualux offers rooms, apartments, and reservations that are the most important part of the site where the user goes step-by-step and chooses the room type, number of guests, dates and other details.

            The website is available in English as well, because sometimes guests from foreign countries visit.

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            Aqualux - Site development by Studio Present Aqualux - Site development by Studio Present Aqualux - Site development by Studio Present


            Jewellery Gallery.

            Handmade jewelry, inheriting a long tradition of knowledge. Jewelry is presented through 5 categories and the site has 5 languages. Also, the site has implemented blog .

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            Unikat gold frontpage Unikat - catalogue Unikat About


            Since 2006 we have made many sites, our skills set and team has grown into a magical monster who is capable of building anything!

            We run our business in a design driven culture, and new team members and clients are chosen carefully.

            The numbers tell that we have gained experience in many fields of web development.

            Clients worldwide
            Developed sites
            Web shops
            Web applications