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Solutions for Nonprofit & NGOs

A powerful open-source solution for the nonprofit sector and NGOs

Drupal is the number one open-source CMS choice for some of the world’s most influential nonprofits. The goal is to create, customize and amplify their mission in order to effect real-world change.

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Drupal is used by hundreds of Nonprofits and NGOs

Ready-to-go — Ideal for nonprofits. A lot of out-of-the-box functionalities. Easy to manage, cost-effective, reliable and open-source.

Scalable —  As your nonprofit mission grows, Drupal grows with you. Connect your main website, your campaigns and any other microsites you decide to launch. 

Organized —  With Drupal, you can tag and categorize your content so that your nonprofit message stays strong and connected.

In the last few years, we took part in various projects for Nonprofits, web applications, websites, microsites, and mobile applications.
We were curious about the ways we could support education. By creating complex EDU digital platforms we earned some quality experience in higher education and funding management projects. 
With different digital products, we made a lot of things possible. For example, we helped thousands of students with preparing for their exams and applying for scholarships, but also, we made the funding management process much easier.
Our system manages the whole process of funding. Starting from application, evaluation, yearly tracking, ending with a good analytics dashboard and helpdesk.

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