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National heritage is a big part of every human’s history and with the client’s effort of gathering all the data in one place, we created a digital archive that answers the client’s needs.

Hungarian National Council (MNT) is a non-profit organization for the Hungarian minority based on the territory of Serbia. They had the idea to digitize Hungarian books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, arts, etc.collect them in one place, and make them accessible to everyone.

Business goals
  1. Create a complex digital platform for more than 70000 entities
  2. Saving and securing all the data, and making it available to everyone
  3. Easy search on multiple levels (by literature, writer, artist, period)
  4. A manageable system that can save a great amount of data 
The challenge

From the start point, we knew that we needed to create a complex and scalable web application. The amount of data will grow by time, and the platform has to be able to undergo this change. We had to enable easy search by creating remarkable UX, and also make a platform that can simply be managed and understood by non-technical people who work on the platform. The challenge was to find a perfect way to fulfill all these conditions.

  1. Complex web platform built in Drupal 8
  2. Easy to use platform
  3. Custom modules
  4. Custom search module for database
  5. Back up system 

Overall, the website needed to be opened for a great amount of data already uploaded, but also for new content that could easily be added over time. It is simple for managing by administrators. We also paid a lot of attention to the UI and UX so that the visitors can easily find anything they are looking for. 

National heritage in one place
  • Heritage of Hungarians in Vojvodina collected, saved, and secured in one place
  • 70000 entities on the website at this point
  • Search results show under 100 milliseconds