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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary wanted to find a way to help the Hungarian companies involved in the export process in the Central European market to better understand the laws and legal system of those foreign countries. 

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Specific support in business is of great importance when there is a language barrier. Our team created a complex platform that makes complete civil and criminal laws of surrounding countries available in the Hungarian language. 

Business goals
  1. Create a complex digital platform, a database of Hungarian translations, of all legislative documents of European countries that is easy to use and available to everyone
  2. A free platform that can help Hungarian and foreign Hungarian companies manage easily in the legal system of surrounding companies they have business with
  3. iOs and android mobile app downloadable from the app store and play store, with an option to work offline
  4. A manageable system that can save and secure a great amount of data 
The Challenge

We wanted to create a custom system that can be flexible in as many ways possible. It’s not just about finding the right document, sometimes the answer hides in a particular section of a single law that you can highlight and revisit later. The second important thing was the mobile app which needed to be as good as the web platform-when you need the information on the go and without an internet connection. Above all the challenge was to make the users feel comfortable and secure while going through particularly long legislative documents.

  1. Complex web platform built in Drupal 8, using Drupal as its back-end, while React.js is being used as its front-end - satisfying the need for an iOS and Android application
  2. A simple user interface which makes it an easy-to-use platform, 
  3. Mobile application for iOS and Android which works in offline mode
  4. Every user can have its own account and save frequent search queries, highlight single paragraphs, sections or even whole documents and make notes
  5. User can also read the translated document side-by-side with the source language document
  6. Printing the highlighted sections for physical copies or exporting them to PDF documents
  7. Open, flexible, secure and scalable system
  8. Equally important back-end experience for editors which can easily add new documents and their translations

Despite the seriousness of the legislative documents we needed to present, one of the most important goals was to create a user-friendly platform that is easy to manage and truly understandable. Today, most businesses are run through the mobile phone, and in order to adjust Hulex to the trends, we developed a mobile app that is simple to use, has great UI, and can run smoothly even offline.

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Complex digital platform


  • 90% saves time and cost in researching 
  • 100% easier and faster way citizens and companies to get the right information from foreign legal documents
  • 700 pages available in the database