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ProCredit Bank

Our main job was to lead the smooth transition from offline to fully online functioning bank. Since there are a lot of regular visitors on the website our goal is to go step by step and slowly implement new modifications and at the end completely change the website design.

Business goals
  1. Improve website performance 
  2. Lead the digital transformation
  3. Improve UX from the Admin side
  4. Implement an advanced fallback option for generic email website messages
  5. Full redesign as the final step
The Challenge

The biggest challenge on this project is to achieve a gradual transition of all customer-related jobs from physical banks towards online and along the way a completely new design. 

  1. Drupal 9
  2. Advanced fallback option for generic email website messages
  3. Complex contact forms
  4. Feature-rich editing functions for building landing pages
  5. System for fast cash loan application
  6. Efficient loading of exchange rate lists

The focus in the design has been on functionality, so now everything can be done in a few steps, without the need to go to one of the branches. We paid a lot of attention to the mobile version of the site.

Procredit Bank redesign
ProCredit bank case studu
ProCredit bank case study reference
Great UX for landing pages

Equally important goal was to enable the marketing team of Procredit Bank to independently create, interactive/beautiful landing pages with great UX for various marketing activities or just products and services.