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Zadi is a complex web application built for experienced sister companies Alarm systems and SAT-TRAKT that manages their whole work process and makes everything run smoothly.

The client wanted to improve workflows and make a complete transition from too many excel spreadsheets to one efficient system that controls every step of the everyday processes. Our job was to clearly understand the business logic and create a system that saves time, and gains control.

Business goals
  1. Smooth transition from a bunch of spreadsheets to a one complex digital system
  2. Create a web application that follows all the steps of the workflow processes
  3. Live updates and notifications for employees
  4. Build a system, that could be easily used and adopted by other companies too
  5. Create user-friendly and easy to use the application, because it will be used by every company employee
The challenge

We had to create a flexible and open system that will be used by multiple companies with similar but different workflows and integrations.

  1. Developed a system for more precise tracking of the spent time and efficiency of employees
  2. CMR system -  a simple, customizable system that collects the previous history, new inputs, the status of orders, customer service issues, etc
  3. Created a task management system - clear job and responsibility division 
  4. Developed a system for tracking fuel consumption during fieldwork
  5. A system that clearly shows all current work engagements
  6. System for tracking license expiration, medical exams for employees with calendar reminders
  7. Developed a reporting system for better analytics 
  8. React.Js component - for the assignments - flexible and adjustable system according to different job requirements
  9. Knowledge system shaped by everyone - every employee leaves a comment on how the job was done, so that other or new employees can use it for their work
  10. System of coordinators supervising
  11. The system is specifically adjusted for tablets that workers use every day

A complex web application that companies use as their intern and closed system for managing and organization of workflow processes.

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Work optimization with Zadi
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  • Time saved - more work can be done in less time
  • Clients get statistical data just by one click
  • System is opened and prepared for other companies to join and start using it