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Save time, money and resources with a complete
digital platform for tenders management.


What is Apply4Tenders?

Digital Tenders is a platform that leads the whole tender process from application, review, assessment,

signing contracts, payments, project execution to advanced statistics.

If you are still using excel, paper or platform that do not fit your needs. Digital Tenders is exactly what you need.


Handle huge number of applicants easily

The system is designed to manage a large volume of applicants without compromising on quality.
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Tailor made application forms

The forms meet specific requirements and capture the necessary information from applicants.
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Paperless solution

The system is designed to be entirely paperless, reducing the need for physical documentation.
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Detailed statistics

You will have detailed statistics and analytics to help understand and optimize the application process.
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Accelerates the whole process

The system speeds up the entire application process, from receiving applications to selecting, and funding.
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Different level of admin roles

Multiple levels of administrative roles, ensuring that different users have access to the appropriate level of information and functionality.
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Mass emailing

The system allows for mass emailing to be sent out to applicants and other stakeholders, saving time and effort.
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Mass contract management

The system can manage contracts for multiple applicants at once, making the process more efficient.
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Project lifetime monitoring

The system provides tools for monitoring the progress and success of projects over their lifetime.
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Multiple payment requests

The system can handle multiple payment requests from applicants, ensuring that payments are processed quickly and accurately.
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Legal check for applications

CMS can perform legal checks on applications to ensure that they comply with relevant laws and regulations.
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Financial tables

Available financial tables and reports to help track expenses and revenue associated with the application process.
Why Apply4Tender?

Save time and resources

Using the product can help you streamline your operations and reduce the time and resources needed to complete tasks.

50k + tenders already handled

The product has a proven track record of successfully handling large volumes of tenders, making it a reliable choice.

Bulk operations

The product allows for bulk operations to be performed quickly and easily, saving time and effort.

Ready made solution

The product is pre-designed and ready to use, making it a convenient and hassle-free choice.

Know your costs upfront

After the initial interview you will be provided with clear and transparent price, helping you to manage your budget effectively.

Tailor-made product

The product can be customized to meet your specific requirements, ensuring that it meets your unique needs and preferences.
How it works
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