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Internships and scholarships

If you want to improve your IT knowledge and acquire new ones at the same time, our internship program is the ideal opportunity for you.

Let’s learn together - internship program

During the internship, you will work on different projects - of course, with the support of a mentor who will guide and advise you.

You can already apply for the area that interests you the most:

  • Back-end development
  • Front-end development
  • IoT development

There will be 2-3 other people with you on the internship, and the whole program lasts 2 weeks. And all of you, together with us, will work in the modern offices of the Digital Hive building in Subotica.

After your application, HR will notify you via email when the internship will start. Also, in case the group is not yet complete, we will notify you later via email.


If you show effort and knowledge during your internship, there is a possibility that we extend your internship for an additional month, giving you the opportunity to become a scholar of our company.

Our scholarship is a great opportunity that allows you to gain valuable knowledge while earning your first money. Moreover, by working on real projects in your free time, you have the chance to acquire invaluable experience and practical skills that will be beneficial for your future.

Apply for an internship!
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