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Employee Benefits

It is very important for us to nurture a healthy balance between business and private life. That is why we try to provide our colleagues with many benefits that will help them be more relaxed at work and in everyday life.

Professional development

At Studio Present, the growth and well-being of our employees is something we will always support.

For example, whenever one of our team members learns something new, they are encouraged to share their knowledge with their colleagues through workshops.

If an employee wants to read a book that will contribute to their business acumen or personal progress, Studio Present will purchase it for them. These books become part of our office library, allowing everyone to access and benefit from them.

The company covers the expenses of any course that will help them develop desired skills, recognizing that individual growth leads to the company's progress.

You’ll work alongside highly experienced colleagues that are ready to share their knowledge and provide mentorship on a daily basis.

You will work in a modern office space

You’ll love working in our modern workplace that’s decorated with natural plants. We also have a yard with a beautiful lake, that offers a serene setting for enjoying your breakfast or taking a refreshing break.

To feel a bit of Studio Present atmosphere, we invite you to watch the video below.

Family life

Family values are something that we extremely support and nurture.

That is why no one will take away your free time after work. And that’s why we’ll have an understanding if you leave the office during working hours due to family obligations.

We have a playground in the yard and a children's corner inside the building where kids can play while waiting for their parents to finish work.

At our offices, we also organize events such as masquerade balls and gift-giving by Santa Claus, which kids absolutely adore.

Work from home

Even though every employee has the right to work from home 4 days a month, few people actually use this opportunity. We all prefer to work from the office because we feel more comfortable and productive in that environment. However, if it is more convenient for someone to use some of these 4 days to work from home due to privacy obligations, all they need to do is to inform their colleagues 2-3 days in advance and plan out their tasks together.

Modern work equipment

We recognize the significance of having the right work equipment in place. That's why we prioritize having cutting-edge laptops, monitors, and gadgets, which sometimes divides us into Mac and ThinkPad supporters. 😄 Ensuring a comfortable work environment is equally essential, which is why we are very picky when selecting our office chairs and desks.

Conferences and education

It is important to follow trends and learn new things, but also to connect with people from all over the world and share experiences and knowledge. That's why going to conferences is so important to us.

We are also proud organizers of a Drupal camp, about which you can learn more at Also, check the video below to get a glimpse of the atmosphere from the camp.

Company-level team-buildings

This is probably one of our favorite benefits. From time to time we organize some kind of gathering - whether it's going to another city or country together, barbecue at Andor’s place, cooking contest, Pizza day, party, watching a football game, playing football with a neighboring IT company, drinking beer or wine at the office bar every Friday at 14:30 or something else.

Take a look at the video below for a glimpse into the vibrant atmosphere of our recent team-building event held at Balaton Lake in Hungary.

Team-level team-buildings

In addition to company-wide team-building activities, each team embarks on its own dedicated team-building experiences. For instance, the front-end team went to Athens, while the back-end team explored Fruška Gora and visited Belgrade.

We also organize group visits to our German office, where we are welcomed by our German colleagues. Together, we embark on memorable adventures, exploring the sights, indulging in delicious cuisine, and savoring the finest German beers.

Nurturing colleague well-being

We prioritize the well-being of our colleagues by offering comprehensive private medical insurance, emphasizing the importance of self-care and providing them with the necessary support.

Also, by adding 20% of the invested amount, we want to motivate them to put an unspecified amount of money in a private pension fund and thus make it easier for them to invest in the future.

Upper body (torso) massage

Every month, our office welcomes a physiotherapist who provides upper-body massages. This revitalizing half-hour break recharges your energy, leaving you fully charged for the month ahead!

Ophthalmological and systematic examination

Recognizing the potential negative impact of spending a minimum of 8 hours a day on the computer, we are committed to safeguarding our vision and prioritizing our eye health. In light of this, we are arranging legally required eye examinations.

Also, we are offering financial support in case you need new glasses.

Furthermore, we prioritize overall well-being, which is why we actively participate in health check-ups, investing 50% of the total cost. If individuals find it more convenient to undergo examinations outside the scheduled period, they will still receive financial assistance equivalent to the same percentage.

Sport Activities

After spending half of the day in front of the computer, the best way to blow off some steam is to do some sport activity. We support you in your wish to stay in shape by refunding your monthly membership fee.

Also, we have some shared sports endeavors: we participate in half marathons and in the “Business Run” event or engage in friendly football matches against neighboring IT company.

Wellness and gym

If you prefer a gym, we've got you covered. In front of Digital Hive, we have constructed a dedicated building where you can find a gym with top-notch equipment, along with a sauna for ultimate relaxation.

English classes

As knowledge of English has become a necessity in the digital world, we want to give our colleagues the opportunity to learn it even better. That is why we have English classes every Wednesday, during the final hour of the workday, when we further improve it with the help of a professor.

Food and beverages

Thanks to our well-equipped kitchen, we can enjoy our meals during breaks in a delightful atmosphere, whether it's the food we've ordered or brought from home. But also, as you can see, we take pleasure in cooking together.

We are big coffee lovers, too! And that has led us to prioritize the consumption of fresh, locally-roasted, top-quality coffee, rather than commercial ones. 

Additionally, there are also alcoholic beverages that are primarily enjoyed on Fridays as a way to unwind at the end of the workweek. During these moments, we like to switch on some music, gather around the office bar, and raise a toast to another fantastic workweek.