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Employee Benefits

We care for our colleagues

It is very important for us to nurture a healthy balance between business and private life. That is why we try to provide our colleagues with many benefits that will help them be more relaxed at work and in everyday life.

Team building activities

This is probably one of our favorite benefits. We usually organize some kind of gatherings every month and we use that time to get out of the office or travel somewhere for a day or more, try different activities or just relax and enjoy.

Invest in the future

We encourage our colleagues to take extra care of themselves and that is why we provide everyone with private medical insurance. Also, by adding 20% of the invested amount, we want to motivate them to put an arbitrary amount of money in a private pension fund and thus make it easier for them to invest in the future.

Sport Activities

After spending the entire day in front of the computer, the best way to blow off some steam is to go running or to do any other sport activity you prefer. We support you in your wish to stay in shape by refunding your monthly membership fee.

Also, our guys play football every Wednesday against colleagues from a neighboring company, so this is another way to spend quality time together.

Sport activities
Wellness and GYM

If you prefer a gym, we have one too :)

The company has built a separate building in front of the Digital Hive where you can find a gym equipped with high-quality equipment and a sauna for relaxation and rest.

Wellness and gym
English classes

As knowledge of English has become a necessity in the digital world, we want to give our colleagues the opportunity to learn it even better. That is why we have an "English day" every Wednesday when we speak English all day, and further improve it with the help of a professor an hour before the end of working hours.

Food and Beverages

Thanks to the nicely equipped kitchen, during the break we can bake or cook our own meal or eat food that we ordered or brought from home in a pleasant ambiance. As you can see, we like to prepare food together, too. We are also already used to the fact that, after successfully completed projects, the company treats us with breakfast or desserts.

There is always free coffee, milk, tea, Cedevita, Nesquik, cereals, but also beer, gin, and similar drinks that are mostly consumed on Fridays when at the end of the day we like to turn on the music, gather around the bar in the office and make a toast for another great week.

Studio Present
Conferences and education

It is important to follow trends and learn new things, but also to connect with people from all over the world and share experiences and knowledge. That's why we like to go to conferences. And we always have a great time, too!

We are also proud organizers of a Drupal camp. Learn more about this conference at and take a look at some parts of the atmosphere from the camp in the video below.

Upper body (torso) massage

Every month we have a physiotherapist coming to our office and have an upper body massage. This half-hour break fills your batteries up for the next month!

Family life

Family values are something that we extremely support and nurture. That is why no one will take away your free time after work.

We also have a playground in the yard, but also a children's corner inside the building where children can play while waiting for their parents to finish work.

Work from home

Although every employee has the right to work from home for 4 days a month, few people use this opportunity. We all prefer to work from the office because we feel more comfortable and productive in that environment. However, if it is more convenient for someone to use some of these 4 days to work from home due to privacy obligations, all they need to do is to inform their colleagues 2-3 days in advance and arrange tasks.

Modern work equipment

It is also important for us to work on adequate work equipment. That's why we use the latest laptops, monitors and gadgets, which doesn't stop us from splitting into Mac and ThinkPad supporters. Comfort at work is also important to us, so we carefully choose our office chairs.

Personal development

The personal development of employees is something we will always support. So, if you want to read a book that will mean something to you in business or personal progress, we will buy it, and after that, it will become part of the office library. Also, when one of us learns something new, we will usually be very happy to pass that knowledge on to other colleagues.

Buying stuff on a credit

We want to take advantage of the good cooperation and trust that prevails between us and our suppliers, to offer employees the purchase of various products on preferential terms. Therefore, if you want to buy a new computer, TV or something else, your bill will be divided into several monthly installments that will be deducted from your salary each month.

Eye and systematic examinations

Aware that at least 8 hours a day at the computer can negatively affect vision, we want to make sure that it does not affect the health of our eyes. That is why every year we organize an eye examination and financially help the purchase of new glasses. As well as eye care, we take care of the overall health, so we go to regular systematic examinations in which we invest 50% of the total price. If it suits someone better to perform examinations outside the organized term, they will receive financial assistance in the same percentage.

Space for use

We are completely satisfied with our modern business space, which enables us more than pleasant work. Anyone can relax in the chill zone next to the pond or play the Sony PlayStation, but also use the yard or an interior to organize their own small event.