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Employee Benefits

Invest in your future

Studio Present encourages its employees to take additional care of themselves. Modern and innovative in most fields, we provide everyone with private medical insurance. Private retirement funds are also a big step, but we inspire our team to think about the future in a different way. By taking participation in payment for the retirement fund, we make it easier to invest in your future.

Learning never stops

It is important to evolve as a team, but also as an individual. Take participation in different conferences, or seminars, educate and continuously develop your skills. We support your growth in every way you need.

Be active

If you are a fan of different physical activities, or training regularly some sport, Studio Present will always be there to back you up. By refunding your membership or organizing an exciting day for the team, we support your wish to stay healthy and fit. 

Studio Present
Relax and enjoy

On a regular basis, we organize in-house wellness treatments for all team members. That’s not all. Sometimes we need a peaceful time in the SPA center and full treatment of relaxation just for us. In the summertime, we love to go swimming and use that time to bond and enjoy ourselves together. 

Studio Present