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Su-Prospect is the most innovative construction company in Subotica.

Thanks to the excellent communication, open and honest relationship with long-time client Su-Prospect, we were able to boost the apartment sale, but also gain more trust from the potential buyers which were the main goal throughout the whole process.

Business goals
  1. Increase the apartment sale
  2. Promote and sell smart building apartments
  3. Position Su-Prospect brand as a trustworthy partner and constructor
The challenge

Our mission was to increase the percentage of the apartment sale, by creating an effective website and quality marketing approach. Challenge was to create a strategy that would permanently spring the client’s presence on the market. It was crucial to find a way for Su-Prospect to stand out from all the other investors by its quality and unique offer.

  1. Simple and easy to use designed website
  2. Mobile-first - fast loading
  3. A detailed description of building infrastructure
  4. Social Media presence as the trustful partner 
  5. Facebook Remarketing for sending the right information at the right time
  6. Google Display Ads and Google Remarketing Ads

We used new quality renders to highlight top apartments and effectively communicate with visitors with a slightly improved version of the website. Our goal was to build even more trust with visitors and give them the option to easily go through offerings and imagine how their new home could look like.


3D images for a better experience

We realized that it is easier to sell with real photos. The feedback was great. Potential buyers were thankful because even those who are not so creative could have a clear picture of the potential of their new apartment. 



  • 30% more mobile visits
  • 60% more leads
  • 220% lower cost per engagement on Facebook
  • 110% lower cost per click on Facebook