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Storm Textil

This Denmark-based company needed a partner for its digital transformation to achieve desired goals. Our mission was to create a completely new eCommerce store that is cool, user friendly, integrates seamlessly with 3rd party software, and has a textile product designer.

Business goals
New eCommerce store, seamlessly work together with all other software used by the client
Make a complete synchronization with the company’s existing Microsoft C5 ERP system
Improve the CX - give customers a wider palette of options, but simplify the ordering process
Decrease the number of phone calls and persuade customers to make online purchases
Increase productivity of the client’s team - make the right change in the system to decrease the number of errors and avoid operators performing repetitive administrative tasks
Become a reliable partner to all the customers
The challenge

We needed to change the existing eCommerce platform and create a textile product designer and integrate the whole system with Microsoft C5 ERP to neither the clients nor the employees could notice any disruption.

  • eCommerce built in Drupal 8 with custom product designer where customers can design their own products
  • Proper communication between the ERP system and the website - reduced time in administration - the team’s productivity increased
  • An API for third-party resellers developed - other companies are able to sell Storm Textil products and have stock, price and product info in real-time
  • Specifically designed and organized product page
  • Special product image synchronization feature to reduce admin time and mistakes (direct product image sync from a Windows server)
  • Simplified process of online ordering
Design your own products
test slika

The results

An eCommerce store has to follow the customer’s wishes and needs, and that is why our main goal was to integrate a custom product designer in Storm Textile’s eCommerce. Customers now have the option to easily create their unique product with just a few clicks. Besides that, we made the whole process of online shopping much easier and secure, not just for B2C but for B2B sales too.

What our clients say about us
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Dr. Annika Aurbach |

Together with StudioPresent, we were able to successfully complete our product within a year.

Many thanks for the excellent and agile implementation as well as the trusting communication.

Camille Borrett | EuRepoC

Studio Present helped us in the initial implementation of our project. They developed a reliable and efficient data management infrastructure that forms the bedrock of our operations. The team at Studio Present was quick to understand our goals and deliver effective technical solutions while maintaining availability for our queries.

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