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Christiane Slawik is the “The” photographer for horses in Germany, internationally celebrated and awarded, known for her creative combining of artistic photography and her love for horses. 

We had to capture the essence of Slawik’s art by presenting quality photographs that truly represent the two biggest passions in her life: artistic photography and horses.

Business goals
  1. Integrate unique eCommerce store in website - option for buying photos, and downloading option for members
  2. Improve UX and UI 
  3. Upload a great number of photos on a website
  4. Create a secure system for downloading the photos - copyright protection
The challenge

Besides updating the old website, we had to implement an unusual eCommerce on the improved website. The challenge was to find the right way to enable customers to buy the photos, but also create a specific function for membership, so that the members can easily and secure download photos.

  1. eCommerce store built in Drupal 8 
  2. More than 3 terabytes of photographs uploaded on the website
  3. Simplified process of buying photographs
  4. Special registration form
  5. Solution for the subscribers to easy photo download
  6. Secured copyright protection

Besides the presentation of quality photographs, we created a website that is easy to manage. By clearly pointing out search categories on the website we improved UI and UX. Also, we created a special form for registration, that enables advanced search functions for members.

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  • D6 to D8 Drupal update & migration
  • 30% less administration
  • 3TB+ photos uploaded