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Probably the best Destillators in the world

The award-winning company “Destilatori" - a leader in the production of fruit distillation boilers and brandy boilers for many years decided to invest in a unique and quality eCommerce store.

It was truly a remarkable digital transformation. Our team had to design and create the first eCommerce store that sells expensive brandy boilers online.  The goal was to entirely move the business from offline common marketing strategies like visiting fairs to online marketing only.

Business goals
  1. Create a strong audience through social media - let the followers be brand ambassadors
  2. Reduce phone call sales
  3. Create a trustworthy eCommerce store
  4. Effective marketing strategy to boost online sales
  5. Increase revenue coming from exclusive products
The challenge

The biggest challenge was to digitally transform the traditional company and overcome all the competitors. Also, it was truly important to make customers feel confident and safe while purchasing expensive products online.

  1. Complex eCommerce built in Drupal 
  2. Custom brandy boiler creation - customers can create their unique product
  3. Specially design and organized product page
  4. Accent on graphic details - a lot of custom drawings
  5. Targeting potential customers by offering free education about the secrets of brandy making 
  6. Complete marketing strategy for social media - with a focus on Facebook and Google Ads

A combination of the vintage elements with modern lines and modern website structure allowed us to implement a compelling eCommerce website with an accent on the product description and ease of use since the buyers are among the 50 + years old group. 


Top-quality product pictures

In this branch quality product pictures were not the focus of the digital strategy. We wanted to make great pictures and create a story behind them. Our goal was to grab more attention from people that truly love to make rakia. 

Custom drawings
  • 100x more sales of most expensive brandy boilers 
  • 220% less cost per landing page view
  • 100% increase in online sales