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Movinito is a project of a well-known shipping company based in Germany, which offers advanced shipping services to all customers.

When you have to send a package, you need it to be easy, secure, and on time. It was our job to answer the client’s specific wishes and design an efficient application that fulfills all the customer’s needs.

Business goals
  1. Create a complex digital application that can manage parcels, vehicles, places, drivers route, and warehouses all at the same time
  2. Include vehicle management in the application (insurance expiration date, registration, last service)
  3. A full transition from a paper-based system to a new digital system
  4. Have an advanced parcel tracking system
  5. Mobile application for drivers and warehouse workers
  6. Automatize labeling system for packages
  7. Digital transformation of the financial sector 
The challenge

Movinito needed a complete digital transformation and we had to find the right way to make a smooth transition from the old-fashioned paper-based system to a whole new digital system, that can be easily adaptable in the future, answering all the changes that happen over time.

  1. Complex web application built in decoupled Drupal 8 with React and React Native (front-end) - mobile application for drivers and warehouse workers available for Android and iOS
  2. GraphQL to connect Drupal with React
  3. Google Maps integration - a tracking system - to track the parcel with the option of leaving comments about the parcel’s movement, automatic calculation of the shipping price by the given address 
  4. Services to secure the parcel (COD, Insurance, Warehousing)
  5. Vehicles management (insurance expiration date, registration, last service)
  6. List of all employees and different roles for each job category
  7. System for generating invoices based on the country of the service provider - the invoices are different depending on the language and tax percentage

We paid attention to details by adding special features in every aspect of the shipping process. The system is easy to use and available for all devices. Clients, drivers, and all other employees have all the information they need.

With digital transformation, we helped the company prepare for expansion
  • 40% Reduced operational costs
  • 70% Reduced time that operators spend on administration and communication
  • 100% secure shipping company