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MIMplus is a German company that is specialized in the processing and manufacture of different metal products for many industrial branches, medical technologies, and the luxury and consumer goods sector.

MIMplus needed a partner to give the old website a fresh, bold look. The idea was to highlight the main services and focus on company's core values.

Business goals
  1. A new design to make the website more attractive
  2. Brand transformation
  3. Optimization of the website
  4. Create different menus for easier and better orientation on the website
  1. Designed new website
  2. Developed a horizontal and vertical menu for all the sections separately
  3. Optimized for mobile phone
  4. Designed custom icons for every category
  5. Branding for different print materials such as a memorandum, envelope, etc.

The new website needed to follow the MIMplus concept and motto “Precision in metal”, so we used drawings of a structured net in design and created special custom icons for different sections of the website.

test slika
test slika
  • 100% better performance of the site
  • Attractive and clear design
  • 30% reduction in bounce rate