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MEDHEL is a leader company in healthcare consulting. The company represents a bridge between patients from all over Europe and health services in Austria.

Health is the most important for people, and we help them connect with exceptional medical services.

Business goals
  1. Improve conversion rate
  2. Present Medhel brand as a trustworthy partner
  3. Improve SEO ranking
  4. Get better results from mobile visitors
The challenge

Healthcare is a sensitive field of work. The most important thing was to make the visitors trust the client while going through the website. It was challenging how to present everything to be clear and understandable, even professional medical content.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  2. Improved the UI and the UX
  3. Better optimization of the front page 
  4. Mobile-first design 

Thanks to analytics, we discovered what the visitors pay attention to. The goal was to create a website that is easy to research and understand, make all the relevant information available and accurate, and present them on the first page of the website.

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Creating the Logo
Medhel is there for you, every step of the way
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  • 30% less bounce rate
  • 2x faster load time
  • 40% better conversion rate