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Intercom is an experienced retailer company for selling garden and vineyard machines, accessories, and equipment, with great tradition and many years of success behind them.

Intercom was already well known by their offline stores, and we needed to create a new eCommerce store that will turn their online sale into a successful business, and present Intercom as a trustworthy brand in the online world.

Business goals
  1. Create a new and modern eCommerce store that is easy to manage and simple for use
  2. Complete integration with the company’s ERP system
  3. Boost online sale and number of visitors on the website
  4. Cut the time spent in the administration work
The challenge

We had to create a technically advanced webshop that contains more than 100k products and runs smoothly.

  1. Enterprise eCommerce store based on Drupal commerce
  2. Developed a new Smart Importer module to fulfill the customers need for easy product import from excel
  3. Fast and scalable platform
  4. Designed a special layout for best-seller brands such as Stiga, Stihl, etc.
  5. Developed a special promotion system for seasonal products
  6. System integration with the ERP system 
  7. Google maps integration
  8. System for B2B customers - when B2B customers log they immediately see prices with the discounts and all the relevant information what they need

Our goal was to create an easy to manage and responsive website, but at the same time give customers different options for product search. The website needed to be easily adjustable according to season change, followed by different promotions, banners, and sales. With detailed product descriptions and quality photographs, we gained even more trust from the customers.

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  • 45% increase in orders coming from mobile devices
  • 3x faster website load time
  • 70% increase in mobile visits