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Hedera Vita

Hedera Vita is a company for the production of natural and organic cosmetics, based in Serbia, with wide and significant experience in skincare.

Business Goals

Create a modern website that tells a true story about Hedera

A website that is easily manageable by the client

Make online shopping easier

Implement option for paying with credit card

Create a product page with detailed descriptions of each product

Include a Blog and Press and Media section into a website

The Challenge

A new website had to present Hedera products in the right way, point out the importance of anti-allergenic and ecological cosmetic lines, followed by a meaningful story of Hedera Vita’s beginnings. Also, we had to create a webshop and a website in one solution and make it extra functional and effective. 

  • Website built in Drupal 8
  • Quality eCommerce built in Drupal
  • A new module for paying with a credit card 
  • Improved product search
  • Blog section added - queåstions for a dermatologist and his advice
  • Different levels of administration for different roles
  • Content editor module added 

The results

A special palette of colors that suit the Hedera Vita logo was created to get the most out of the website. Besides a beautifully designed website, the webshop was implemented to get all in one solution. It had to be of high quality just as the Hedera products themselves.

What our clients say about us
nature logo
Dr. Annika Aurbach |

Together with StudioPresent, we were able to successfully complete our product within a year.

Many thanks for the excellent and agile implementation as well as the trusting communication.

Camille Borrett | EuRepoC

Studio Present helped us in the initial implementation of our project. They developed a reliable and efficient data management infrastructure that forms the bedrock of our operations. The team at Studio Present was quick to understand our goals and deliver effective technical solutions while maintaining availability for our queries.

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