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Enmon, one of the top companies for export and import of ceramic tiles, granite ceramics, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, and equipment, needed a complete digital transformation. Without the right maintenance and functionality, the old website needed true refreshment in order to get the most out of the online sale.

A remarkable website and eCommerce can show the true quality and diversity of the company. Our team created one complex platform for all 8 distributing countries in order to simplify administration work, centralize the whole system, and get the most out of the online sale.

Business goals
  1. Complete synchronization with the company’s ERP system
  2. Smooth transition from old to a completely new eCommerce platform
  3. Centralized  administration panel for all 8 countries
  4. Unique UX while searching the products
The challenge

The biggest challenge was to properly filter and fulfill all client’s requests, from 8 different countries, in one perfectly functioning system. Basically, a complete digital transformation in just two months.

  1. Proper communication between the ERP system and the website
  2. Custom calculator to count the right amount of ceramic tiles you need 
  3. Up to 15 different search filters for 5000 different products: price range, brand, type, shape, series, ratification, etc
  4. Advanced shipping options and integrations with shipping company IT system

Our team created the website not just for the local market, but also for the countries in the region. By transitioning to one hosting server, we secured the stability and speed of the website. This was followed by quality images and detailed descriptions of products, inspirational examples, and the latest trends.

  • 0% worry about stock and price updates
  • One platform for 8 different distributing countries
  • 50% less time spent on product administration and order processing