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Corner Luxury Residence

By branding Corner Luxury Residence, we wanted to visually position it as a luxury residential area intended for those who appreciate the excellent quality of construction, comfort and aesthetics and who will be able to enjoy the natural beauties of Bečej near their apartment.

The Logo

This is how the logo was created. It represents the combination of 3 letters "C" (the first letter of the word Corner) and, on the one hand, symbolizes elegance, and on the other hand the unique natural beauties of the river Tisa.

For these beauties we can thank the birds that in large numbers inhabit the habitats along the Tisa River, but also the insect better known as the Tisa mayfly, which once a year gives us a unique sight in Europe called "The Blooming of the Tisa River".

logo, insect and bird
Logo on different backgrounds

We made the colours of the logo and the backgrounds behind it predefined so that the visual presentation of Corner Luxury Residence can always look classy.

logo on different backgrounds

The colours used in creating the visual identity have the task of enabling the brand to communicate stylishness, comfort, elegance and luxury, but also seriousness. Therefore, simple and light earthy and pastel colours were used, as well as dark blue.


We use 2 fonts in communication - Times for headlines, slogans and conveying the luxury note of Corner Luxury Residence, and Roboto for enabling potential clients of this facility to easily read longer texts in promotional materials and on the website.


We always present the logo practically, placing it on various promotional materials, in order to convince the client of its applicability on real examples.