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Carters is the world's leading children's clothing brand and one of the oldest American brands - founded in 1865.
There are constantly over 2000 products on their website, which are updated every few minutes.

We had the honor to make a replica of the original USA site for the Serbian market.

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Basic project needs

Create a unique online store specially designed according to the instructions of the Carters headquarters, with simple navigation and filtering to complete the purchase as quickly as possible.


The challenge was to make a good synchronization of the website with the stock, while taking into account that the local distributor YUGLOB has over 10 retail stores that share the same stock.

The next challenge was to create as close as possible a replica of the American and Canadian site adapted for the Balkan market. Although we had instructions, this would not be an easy task at all as it involved not only copying but also making compromises due to differences in the market.

It was also a challenge to synchronize the work and communication we did with the American team, the team from Serbia and with the people who developed the ERP system.


It was not easy to overcome all the challenges, but we succeeded. The project lasted 7 months and new options are still being added.


  • We used the Promotion module from Drupal commerce
  • The site is connected to MailChimp via an API
  • Declarations are withdrawn via the ERP API
  • Synchronization of products and orders with the ERP system is done in real-time
  • Special sorting of products based on novelty and stock availability
  • Bank Intesa Payment Gateway integration
  • Intelligent collection of information about the child's age in compliance with GDPR standards

The results

The website represents the replica of the original USA site, adjusted for the Serbian market. Because of the 2.000 articles that are updated every few minutes, special attention is paid to product categories which drastically improve user experience. Website visitors can search by their kids' age, sex or the type of clothes they need. Also, the one-step checkout greatly simplifies the purchase process.

What our clients say about us
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Dr. Annika Aurbach |

Together with StudioPresent, we were able to successfully complete our product within a year.

Many thanks for the excellent and agile implementation as well as the trusting communication.

Camille Borrett | EuRepoC

Studio Present helped us in the initial implementation of our project. They developed a reliable and efficient data management infrastructure that forms the bedrock of our operations. The team at Studio Present was quick to understand our goals and deliver effective technical solutions while maintaining availability for our queries.

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