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Carbon Champagne

Carbon Champagne is a French brand that represents one of the most outstanding and luxurious champagnes in the world, known primarily from Formula 1 showers at the podium celebrations.

We have put our creativity and knowledge in full capacity to create a new Carbon website for the German market, design a complete visual presentation and materials for the client, followed by social media marketing strategy.

Business goals
  1. Create a website for the German market that truly represents the Carbon brand
  2. Present and promote Carbon brand in the right way to make it well-known in Germany
  3. Develop an effective social media marketing strategy
  4. Design various offline print materials such as price lists, business cards, roll-ups, etc.
The challenge

We had to present Carbon Champagne to the German market as a high-quality brand. Everything had to be equally exclusive, as the Carbon champagne itself.

  1. Marketing Social Media strategy and presence powered up (Facebook, Instagram, Events, Direct Marketing)
  2. Quality designed logo, layouts, print media (roll-ups, price lists, business cards)
  3. Targeting more individual user groups in order to increase sales locally and via the website
  4. Specially designed and organized new features on the website to give users more information - price buttons, price lists, news 

The new website needed to tell the story of Carbon, the history, and all its accomplishments around the world. Our goal was to create a website that will genuinely show the exclusivity and strong identity of the Carbon brand to a completely new audience. It was also important to present Carbon alongside Formula 1 and as a Bugatti partner.

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Visual identity
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Social media post
  • 100% more leads generated on Facebook
  • 82% more visitors from social media

  • 82% more requests for pricelist/offer