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Originally founded in 1986, Boss Caffe is something like the "trademark" of the city. 

Our cooperation with the Boss management started with a clear need on their side for a professional digital partner. They requested full service for improving their digital appearance.

Business goals
  1. Increase mobile visits
  2. Plan and execute a digital strategy
  3. Create short video materials and suggest a new style for photos
  4. Get more phone calls
The challenge

One of the challenges was how to integrate some of the Boss’ signature art, namely the details and paintings of the well-known painter Eugen Kocis into the entire concept of the website. Also, we found that social media activity was rather limited so our goal was to find a way to present a unique charm of this restaurant on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Multi-platform online food ordering and delivering service.
  2. Custom search by food ingredients
  3. Script and video production
  4. Complete marketing strategy for social media with a strong focus on remarketing

The main goal of this project was to inspire the visitors’ first impressions from their initial visit to the Boss Restaurant to a similar online experience. We also wanted visitors to have all the necessary information right on the first page, including the new dishes, home delivery info, menu, and visitors’ photos.

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Boss caffe - The "trademark" of the city
Behind the scenes
  • 115% more activity on the Facebook page
  • 41% better post engagement with the same budget 
  • 31% drop in bounce rate
  • 100% more orders from mobile