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EDU and GOV portals

When talking about education and IT, you need to realize that in the last few years it’s become almost impossible to talk about them separately. We believe that education must follow the technology, while at the same time, technology needs to respect and aid the education.

We are committed to work on EDU projects. We care about EDU platforms a lot. With more than five years’ of experience in education, we have created a platform where students can collaborate with each other, chat with teachers, access resources and test themselves for upcoming exams. We have created digital classrooms where they can ask anything and listen to their lectures.

This platform  also allows the students to apply for a scholarship, making it an all-in-one learning platform. These applications are automatically rated by the system, which is a great help for the administration.

The greatest benefit of this type of education administration is simply its speed: removing the traditional “pen and paper” applications made the whole process significantly faster. In the past, it took a non-profit organization more than a week’s time and three staff members‘ work to collect, digitalize and process the applications - now it’s done by a single person in a matter of just a few of hours.