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Present your products better.

If you would like an exquisite e-commerce store, you are in the right place!

For the last ten years, we have been developing e-commerce stores, modules and functions for our own shops, based on the demands of our customers, store administrators and sales and marketing professionals.

Soon, we have started developing e-commerce stores for our clients as well. We have used the knowledge we have gained from our own “shop owner” habits and shared it with our clients. Many of the clients are still our partners today.

Your e-commerce store has to be an excellent experience for your visitors and for marketing purposes as well! Filtering, categorization, range of products and appropriate search functions are all key elements and need careful planning according to your business industry. Adequate planning of these functions will give us an opportunity to easily feature the key products on the market.

You will have a team of young professionals at your hand, who will offer you their advice, technical and marketing support and enthusiasm, and help you boost your Internet sales.

These are the main characteristics of an e-commerce store:

  1. Unique design

  2. Latest development technologies

  3. Built-in marketing and SEO functions

  4. Easy-to-use administration

  5. Coupons, discounts and loyalty rewards

  6. Order tracking and custom order statuses

  7. Unlimited integrations with other systems: stock, accounting, apps, statistics, delivery services etc.

We are ready to take on any of the additional requirements you might have.

Do not limit your ideas! We can cope with any challenge!