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We support the Drupal community

“We choose Drupal, we are Drupal”
We give back as much we can, after we put together the list, we were surprised too. Read the text, how we support Drupal.

Drupal modules

Drupal is a flexible and open-source system that can easily be extended with new modules. The beauty of a system like this is that you can use modulus built by Drupal community members, but it is even nicer to let the community use modulus you created. As a Drupal agency in the last couple of years we have created and now maintain more than 30 modules. Some of them are widely used, and we are very proud. This is a simple way of giving back to the Drupal community. 

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We have created more than 30 modules you can easily download and install in your Drupal.
  • CKEditor Format Buttons
  • Commerce Customers Also Bought
  •  Commerce Barion Payment
  • Something Went Wrong
  • Modal Widget
  • Commerce Smart Importer
  • Facets Block
  • Commerce Kupindo Simple XML
  • Config Delete
  • Cheeseburger Menu
  • Cyrillic to Latin
  • Remote Config Sync
  • Twig Render This
  • Commerce Quick Edit
  • My Notes
  • Druppio Small Business
  • Druppio - Small Business Distribution
  • Image Resize
  • SVG Formatter
  • Projects Stats
  • Commerce Shopping Hours 
  • Druppio Monopage
  • TableField Extended
  • Share Everywhere
  • Hierarchical Taxonomy Menu
  • Commerce Price Updater 
  • Commerce Variation Add to Cart
  • Simple Facebook Pixel
  • Commerce Raiffeisen (Serbia)
  • Behance Block
  • Commerce Stock Notifications
Druppio distribution

Drupal distributions are becoming more and more popular among Drupal users, mostly because a non-coder can easily manage them, but also it shortens the development time for all.

Our Druppio Small Business distribution is one of the most popular Drupal distributions, it has more than 20.000 downloads.

Druppio - Small Business Distribution

We are not just Drupal supporters, we are contributors too.

As a part of a big Drupal community, we always try to give back to as much we can.

We are members of the Drupal Association. Supporting partner programs gives us a chance to evolve together with the Drupal Association.

We have created and now maintain more than 30 Drupal modules, one of the most popular Drupal distributions Druppio Small Business distribution and we encourage our developers to contribute back to the community on a daily basis.
Besides that, we try to show our work through case studies that are published on our website and on too.
The proven result is that we are among the top 40 Drupal contributors in the world for the last 3 years.

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Drupal Camp Pannonia

Our goal is to motivate people to join the Drupal community, but also make stronger connections inside the Drupal community. As we love challenges, we decided to take upon one and make something totally different in our local community. For the past two years, we made Drupal camp Panonia happen, gathering people all around the world right here in our hometown. It was a great honor to host an event this big and important, but it is even better today when we know we have truly amazing friends all over the world. 

Read attendees blog posts about Drupal camp Panonia 2019:

Varga Réka: Mentoring - Open Source Paradise

Miki from Develemon: Drupal Camps are incredible!

Check out our experience from Drupal Camp Pannonia 2019

Participation and organization of Drupal meetups

Last couple of years we were participants of several Drupal events such as Iron Camp in Prague, Drupalcon in Vienna, Drupalcon in Amsterdam, and Drupalcon in Nashwille (USA).
It’s not just that we organize Drupal camps or participate in them, if we have a chance, we also support them. Here are some events we supported: Drupalaton which took place in Balaton (Hungary) and Drupal Heart camp in Zagreb (Croatia)

We organize regular Drupal meetups in Subotica where once again we get a chance to exchange experiences with other Drupal supporters and learn something new. 
Regular workshops inside our agency are the way we support each other’s growth, but we also educate other companies when Drupal is the topic. We believe it is our mission to spread the knowledge about Drupal among all those who are interested but also to stimulate others to discover new possibilities by stepping into the Drupal world.

Share the knowledge

Innovations in Drupal are constantly happening so we tend to inform the Drupal community by writing technical blog posts regularly. We try to give as many explanations as we can so that you can improve your Drupal knowledge this way too. Read some Drupal articles that our experienced developers wrote.

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Download our Drupal 8 e-book

In order to support the Drupal community, even more, we decided to write a book about Drupal 8, a guide that has all the important information in one place. It’s been published in Serbian and English with the support of the European Union.

Read our book about Drupal 8