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Zvonko Bogdan Winery

Case study

Zvonko Bogdan Winery is one of the most luxurious and the most prestigious wineries in this part of Europe.

As we have been their partners for a couple of years, we have managed to improve their online presence and help to increase their sales as well.

Being their digital partner, we have developed a merchandising application which made the internal communication more easy and more transparent.

Over the three years of our partnership, we have built a social media community with more than 80K people all over the region aware of Zvonko Bogdan’s brand, made more than 1K photos and recorded more than 50 videos.

The Zvonko Bogdan Winery website was chosen as one of the most beautiful Drupal e-commerce website in the Drupal community.

Context and Challenge

Project Background and Description

The Winery is named after the famous country songs singer, Mr. Zvonko Bogdan. His art and the name are synonyms for the ultimate experience, such as wine and his own songs.

The winery cares very much about details and quality. This was the expectation from us too, so we have happily accepted the challenge.

The Challenge

Zvonko Bogdan Winery is a relatively young winery, so it’s a tough task to shape a brand through online channels so it can become one of the most famous in our region, especially as there are a couple of well known wineries.
We needed people to know how much of a knowledge, effort and research is invested in wine processing in order to gain people’s trust in its high quality

Project Goals and Objectives

From the first meeting with the client it was clear to us that we need to create a digital strategy for the local market, which included, new website, digital marketing and tools to improve internal communication. The goals we wanted to achieve was:   

  • To improve ordering system
  • To improve internal communication
  • To create largest social media community in the region
  • To increase sales 
  • To decrease website reload time
  • To create mobile responsive website


Process and Insights

After a couple of meetings with the client, we have already knew what we had to do. First of all, we have wanted to come up with mockups in order to choose the concept of the fresh new website. Our goal was to create simple, yet elegant and storytelling website - user-friendly website which is going to be focused on products.

We didn’t want to use the ordinary e-commerce solution for the Zvonko Bogdan Winery, so we have came up with another one. One of the reasons is the client’s low importance of online sales, another one is that we have wanted to keep the shopping process super easy and the last one is the special rules how and how many bottles could a customer order because of the packaging issues.

We have enriched the website with a module for online shopping which doesn’t require a user to register. The complete purchase process is blazingly fast and takes place on a single page.

After the client approved the design, we have started with site building - obviously, Drupal 8 was our choice. We knew that once the website is finished, we were actually just at the beginning.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our motto while coming up with the digital marketing strategy was:

“Make it memorable”

The goal was and still is - to create an unique brand story, which will tell even more about the Zvonko Bogdan Winery and its product.

Behind the Scenes:

On Set Filming a Video production

We have started with content first - high quality photos, to make you feel like you’re already there.

We did video production, too - high resolution, short films, sorted in a couple of segments:

  • Stories about wine

  • Winery exterior

  • Winery interior

  • Wine tasting

  • Winery tour

Mmerchandiser App

We have tried to find an already made solution sales agents who are on the road during the whole day, but there was no app which suited the needs of our client. Our decision was to build a powerful application to help the sales agents in their everyday jobs and, of course, to collect the data which is ready for analyzing before making any important business decisions.


Mmerchandiser is an Android app with the web-based backend. Every merchandiser with a smartphone can easily follow their partners’ visits with their notes, photos, and other useful data. The data is accessible to them even if they are offline.


We have built a Drupal 8 website which is responsive, fast and reliable. The included online shopping experience was simplified for easier use and efficiency.

Our social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram revolved mainly around the brand of Zvonko Bogdan Winery. We have focused the content on the products, with a unique style of copywriting.

The production of the video content was done with an aim to create viral posts that will gather a high number of organic engagements. We have been trying to reach people in the larger city area, after researching about the ways of communicating with the mentioned target group.


The most important results we have achieved during the project’s development is the close relationship with the client. We have found the key to mutual success together!

Our results can prove our success with the following metrics:

  • After the website launch in 2016, the sales have been improved by 23%.

  • More than 400K views of video content.

  • The website’s loading time was cut in half.

  • Since the website redesign, organic mobile visits have been increased by 35%.

  • Social media referrals have been increased by 107%.