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Case Study

Originally founded in 1986, BossCaffe is something like the "trademark" of the city.

Our cooperation with the Boss management started with a clear need on their side for a professional digital partner. They requested full service for improving they digital appearance.


First of all, we redesigned their old website. We shot new photos to upgrade the gallery, improved the overall service of the website and even enabled a search by ingredients, which lowered the bounce rate by 20%. 

Also, we optimized the mobile experience, which increased the mobile visits by 70%, compared to last year’s results. 

We are keenly aware that details matter - that's why we opted for short video formats to represent the Boss staff, food, exterior and interior. 
We even went step further and offered them our suggestions for designing the dessert menu. We are proud to say that our recommendations were accepted and implemented in the current dessert menu you can see on every table. 

Context and Challenge

Project Background and Description

Boss Caffe is the most eminent restaurant in the city. The establishment represents style and quality. Its interior has a unique charm, making people feel special, but at the same time, making them feel ‘at home. The quality of coffee, the fine wines and tasty food is what makes Boss Caffe a truly outstanding place. 

The challenge

Although Boss enjoys an excellent reputation among locals and tourists, too, its web presence was slightly outdated. Also, we found that the social media activity was rather limited.
One of the challenges was how to integrate some of the Boss’ signature art, namely the details and paintings of the well-known painter Eugen Kocis into the entire concept of the website. 

Also, we identified a communication problem regarding online ordering. The restaurant found it increasingly difficult to handle all orders and relied on us to offer a suitable solution.


Project Goals and Objectives

When we started preparing the new digital home of Boss, we all agreed that we would need to define some milestones. First, we needed to create the new website, then focus on marketing. Once the website was up and running seamlessly, we could turn our attention to the ordering service. We will eventually crown our upgrade process with a multi-platform online food ordering and delivering service.

We understood from the get-go that Boss expected us to come up with that certain ‘wow’ effect in order to mirror the exceptional quality that Boss stands for. 
The final stage of cooperation is digital marketing. When the first phase was completed, we would start with the digital marketing strategy.

Process and Solution

After carefully listening to our clients’ requests, studying the old website and the restaurant itself, we came up with the first mockups and details.

For the food display, filtration and categorisation, we proposed the idea to not limit the filtration process to only the main categories. We decided to add all the main ingredients for every dish and then create an extra option that allows users to filter by the ingredients.

Another challenge we faced was the online ordering process. When we started to work with the client, the restaurant was still operating with a good old-fashioned phone call ordering service without any form of automation.

Website dev process and insights

The main goal of this project was to translate the visitors’ first impressions from their initial visit to the Boss Restaurant to a similar online experience.

We used a slider for the home page in order to represent the unique environment of the Boss Restaurant. The paintings on the site are real, they can be seen on the walls of the restaurant, so we decided to use the images for the website, as well.

We also wanted visitors to have all the necessary information right on the first page, including the new dishes, home delivery info, menu and visitors’ photos.

The website is fully responsive, so each device displays the best resolution. For a mobile version, we added a call button which is always available.

When users are logged in, they can order the dishes by choosing portion size, payment method or different delivery addresses.

There is a 2Way verification system for registered users, who want to order online. This will prevent many false orders.

The most interesting part of the ordering process is the relationship between the restaurant's kitchen printer and the Internet. If the order is received during the opening hours, the kitchen printer will print it immediately, provided if the order was submitted with all the necessary information.

We made two versions of the menu, a standard one, where customers can choose dishes by the category, and a more advanced one, where the search is filtered based on selected favorite ingredients.

We have uploaded several Drupal modules: Commerce shopping hours, Share Everywhere, Commerce price updater, Commerce variation add to cart, Hierarchical taxonomy menu..

Boss Caffe Subotica - Drupal Commerce

The strategy covered the most popular social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram, through various video and image formats. 

This strategy required dedicated work and preparation of scenarios for high-definition video recording, as well as taking pictures of the prepared dishes in high-resolution format. Following the preparation of the necessary material, an intensive campaign was launched on the social networks. 

The first channel for placing was Facebook. We created a number of short and inspirational messages. 

We were well aware of the fact that the reason customers love Boss was because of their quality food, great ambient and excellent service. 
Therefore, we did a series of recordings with different themes in order to best represent the various segments of the venue. After all, there are some customers who come to have a cup of coffee, others like to enjoy the unique ambience, while some will visit Boss because of their love for their excellent kitchen.

One of the videos we've been working on is the presentation of the kitchen, the people who are preparing food, because this actually is the “heart” of Boss. We didn’t want everything to be fancy, we wanted to show what a real day for the staff looks like, their hard work, and, of course, the results of their dedicated work. 

Check out the video:


  • 115% more activity on the Facebook page
  • More than 300 000 video views in less than 5 months
  • 41% better post engagement with the same budget
  • Within 2 months after our new website was launched: 
  • Increase in avg session duration by 97%.
  • A drop in bounce rate by 31%