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Tara Rafting - team building

Normally teambuilding is focused on lectures in addition to games, sports, socializing and resting.

We decided this time to narrow it down to only socializing and resting.

It took almost a full year to find a good camp (Rafting Center HUM) for a relatively extreme rafting on river Tara and for all of us to be able to participate on this prolonged weekend.

Traveling by bus lasted 2x12 hours but it didn't feel like a drag. We used this chance to play social games like cards and to build interpersonal connections.

Since we speak 2 languages in our company it was easier to communicate in this casual setting in comparison to a work environment.

It was a new experience to sleep in the same room with a person with whom you usually only have a work relationship. Most of our colleagues experienced this for the first time and it has helped improve our communication at work.

On the first day we went hiking on Durmitor. It was a five-hour walk with a 1400 to 1800 meter difference in altitude.

Conquering the mountain peaks was an extraordinary feeling. People that usually have a hard time expressing emotions couldn't hide their content and fulfillment. 

The activity for which we came to this trip for was reserved for the last day. Rafting - navigating the river in an inflatable raft was something we all couldn't wait to experience.

Our camp was located near the confluence of river Tara and Piva. We traveled with vans for about 40 minutes upstream in order to get to the starting point.

Our young but reliable skippers have held a short course about the rules in the boat. Equipped with neoprene suits, vests and helmets we were ready to go down the river.

Rafting raises adrenaline, maneuvering through rough water, splashes, icy water, beautiful nature, rowing... These are all elements that will be embedded into our memories. 

Going down the river lasts for about 2 hours but we would extend it to 4 hours without hesitation. Air temperature wasn't in our favor so bathing and swimming was not a desirable option.

Exhausted and filled with new emotions we headed back - back to reality.

Managers sent out an anonymous survey after the trip was over. The goal of the survey was to collect feedback and to measure how successful the teambuilding was. Based on the entries, we came to a conclusion that everyone had a great time and that they'd love to go to a similar trip again soon.

Studio Present sponsored the trip, food, drinks, accommodation and activities. All employees could freely enjoy this memorable weekend.

Team Building Studio Present rafting Tara
Ćuković Miloš