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Maybe you already heard about Studio Present, but you still don't know a lot about us. First thing first, we really love what we do!

We are a mix of totally different people, grouped together with the same goals. Enjoy every day, create something extraordinary, be healthy, achieve more.

Despite that, we love to spend time together. For example, Friday afternoon is reserved for beer, relax and weekend planning.

A lot of us love, (is trying) to live healthily, that's why company support sports activities with paid memberships in the gym, fitness centers, etc.  When it comes to health, we all have private health insurance, which i personally used a couple of times. And the great things are.... I didn't spend time in the waiting room, staff was kind, everything was sorted in minutes. More time for my personal life! :)

Also, once a year we have mandatory ontological examinations. This way we want to prevent vision health. If somebody needs glasses, company finance it.

We love to take a part in the Conferences, because we meet new people, learn more and feel better when we come back to the work. Fresh energy is always good to feel in the office.

Read more about our culture's practices: 10 cultural practices in Studio Present

The community is a big deal for us. We strongly support the local and global community. We believe that by giving back to our community, we make the community stronger and a better place for all of us.

Perhaps the most important thing I did not mention. With an increased number of employees, space in offices is decreasing.

The plan - to create the best working environment in Subotica, an office that will enable all employees to work comfortably and all the best working conditions is in the building stage, and we hope that at the beginning of 2019. we will be able to share the impressions of the new offices.

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