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Konverzija 2019 - A great marketing summit

This year, first time ever, we visited Banja Luka and took a part in one of the largest conferences in the region, Konverzija.

We love to travel and gain new experiences so we decided to share some of the impressions.

Trip to Banja Luka

From Subotica to Banja Luka we spent something about 5 hours of driving. We didn’t felt the trip, because energy was so positive. Our Project Manager, Miloš, even, explained to us why he calls Story (Instagram or Facebook) “My Day” and, yea, long story short, we found the reason… Miloš if you are reading this do not be angry, because we teazed you :)

Konverzija Trip


It was a rainy day and we didn’t see a lot of countrysides, but Banja Luka is full of great and friendly people.

Kruna - barbeque. This place is great. We went there because we get a lot of friends recommendations and they were right. The food is great. We surprised how many people are waiting and there are always new people coming in. At some point we were full, but Vlada had some angry face, he was determined to eat all.



Let's start. First of all, we were positively surprised by the speech of the Mayor of Banja Luka. Banja Luka is developing a twenty-year plan on how to become a smart city and the center of the region when it comes to IT. Big like for that!

During the first day, we heard a lot about SEO, but also a couple of inspirational stories. We enjoyed because almost every session was with a specific suggestion on what to do and how to solve some of the problems that we are all facing.

2 stage konverzija

It was great to be there because we were with the people that are aware that no single fancy toolkit will help you if you don't think through all the possibilities and we agree totally.  

We must mention a great quote by Nedim:

Doubling the time of preparation and thinking reduces the time of realization by twice. 

Second day @ Konverzija

Like the day before we started at great Manja restaurant, enjoyed some coffee and went to a Konverzija.


At the beginning of the second day, we heard some great suggestion about cold emailing, spoke about testing and importance of data analysis.

We felt like the regional marketing community is getting stronger and more educated.


Konverzija is a great move forward for improving our digital marketing community. For these two days, we have renewed our knowledge and got insights about different methods of understanding and solving some of the problems. See you next year! 


Vladimir Čočović