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Here’s a recap of our year 2018

1. Working Conditions

At the beginning of every year, we all get together and discuss the results of the previous year and the plans for the next. So, in January 2018 we decided on the following:

The first and most important goal was to improve our working conditions, not because they were bad, but actually we wanted to provide our staff with an even better, fancier working environment, where they could release their creative energies while working on the new projects of 2018.

We took a poll so that everyone could participate in the decision of what we aspects should improve, what upgrades would mean the most to them. Among others, the list contained the following options: private health insurance, free gym membership, more conference visits, Friday beer purchase of a Sony PS4, etc.

We are proud to say that today we have:

1. Private health insurance
2. Free gym or fitness club membership
3. A free library card for employees
4. Scholarship for colleagues who are still studying
5. During the year we’ve increased the number of conferences visits (we love to share knowledge and passion about what we do)
6. Mandatory ophthalmological examinations and obligatory visits to the optician. If somebody needs glasses, the firm will foot the bill.
7. Once a year we go on a joint trip, the entire team will travel somewhere together - this year we decided to go rafting and visited  Tara river. Check out our pics and memories: Tara Rafting
9. Buying expensive items on credit, without fees
10. A lot of “aldumas” (we’ll explain it to you, once you become part of our team – you’ll love it, I promise)
11. We need to have a party at least twice a year. If there is no particular occasion, we will find one.
12. Flexible working hours

2. Conferences

We have met some great people at conferences. Generally speaking, we got a much better sense of the Drupal community, the companies, and best practices. So conference participation is definitely high on our list of priorities.

Nashville USA Drupalcon

Read more about our first visit to the USA here: outside of Europe for the first time

Nashville USA Drupalcon

DrupalCamp Ghent 2018

Drupal Camp Gent

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 - Vienna

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2018 - Vienna

Drupal Meetup Niš

Drupal Meetup Niš

IT4Business - Digital Conference at Palić

IT4Business - Digital Conference at Palić

3. Digital Hive

In August this year we started with the construction work for our new headquarters. Called Digital Hive, the building will provide an inspiring environment for programmers and developers. This is a competitive high-tech digital center with the main goal of improving working condition for all its residents. With its modern surrounding and state-of-the-art equipment, our co-workers will be inspired to come up with stunning new ideas to exceed our, and more importantly, the client’s highest expectations.  

Read more about the Digital Hive on our #spnews

Digital Hive

The Digital Hive will be a Smart Home with implemented Smart Academy software that we developed.

4. Smart Academy - our first successfully implemented IoT project

Smart Academy - system control is an all-in-one solution for hotels, student dorms, retail centers, smart buildings and all kinds of public, residential places with many rooms and sensors.

We developed hardware + software logic in order to build a real IoT system.

With this system, you can control:

  • Heating

  • Air Conditioners

  • Lightning

  • Entrance/Access control

  • Sensors for door/windows

  • Presence sensors

  • Curtains controller

  • Gate control with a ramp

  • SOS button

and many more features.

Using this system, you can control almost all aspects of a room itself or the entire building you can imagine and most importantly, it is fully customizable and upgradable.
For example, if you require face recognition or license plate recognition at the ramp, you do not need to add another system, these features can be integrated into the existing one, and in case you are wondering whether it works even offline, yes, we made sure it does.

Have a look at the presentation we created for DrupalCamp Pannonia:

5. Drupal Camp Pannonia

Now, we must admit, we are mighty proud of the first Drupal Camp Pannonia. Why? Because we have managed to draw visitors from 11 countries. We could list all the achievements of the event or go into the numbers, but, what is important to us is that we really felt the great energy and saw how the Drupal community is strong and supportive.

DrupalCampPannonia official video

6. People and processes

We spent a considerable amount of time in 2018 with improving conditions for everyone. However, we also paid great attention to advancing our process of development. All in all, seeing what we have achieved in this regard, we can say that at the end of the year, we are satisfied with the results.

So now, we focus on planning.  Planning is crucial because of clients, but also because of our developers, so that they can focus on one project at the time. This way, we also aim to improve the quality of the final product. We want to be recognized as an agency that delivers a high-quality product full of stunning, out-of-the-box solutions for domestic and international clients alike.

We are in a constant process of furthering our knowledge and honing our soft skills.


P. S. Our team in Germany is working hard and tackling the new project challenges, which is something we will elaborate on in 2019. Stay tuned! 

Vladimir Čočović