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Endeavors towards family-friendly business

It is widely known and scientifically proven that investing in family-friendly policies helps to improve productivity and a company’s ability to attract, motivate and keep employees. As we grow on time our workplace became our second home instead of just a simple office. We tried to make it as convenient and friendly as possible.

On time we deliberately got to some unwritten principles such as flexible working hours, a home-office opportunity for those who are needed at home by their children, packages for kids at the holiday season etc. When we discovered that the Hungarian Government published a call for proposal with a topic of Family Friendly Workplaces it was not a question that we will go for it. We examined our habits and efforts from this perspective and discovered that there is a lot more to do. We developed and submitted a proposal in 2018. April and got official notification of support in September 2018.

Starting the project our first undertaken action was to provide Studio Present kids with pre-school and school packages - notebooks, pencils, rulers, watercolors, clay and many other.

One objective of the project was to support general business development. We equipped our colleagues with different technical equipment, such as PHP storm licenses, computer configurations and monitors, color printer and some other office equipment.

The new laptops for employees encourage flexibility at work and the ability to telework at any moment and occasion. We already used our new digital oscilloscope for our IoT project Smart Academy. 

We organized our traditional Christmas Party at the holiday season, but this last year event the first time we organized a meet-up with Santa. Since then the kids keep mentioning this special occasion…

The most important initiative of the project was to install and equip the Children's Corner at Studio Present. Our goal was to make it as homey as possible that kids spend a pleasant and interesting time while waiting for their parents. Parents can lend and take home the child books we bought within the project. 



Supporting our trainee program with technical facilities was also an objective. We constantly seek enthusiastic and talented young individuals and give them a chance to be a part of our team.  

SP representatives participated in open days and invited students to our office to show them the way our company works and presented traineeship opportunities.

Last but not least our special thanks goes to BGF financially supporting our programme. We are eager to continue with most of the initiatives and ready to figure new ideas for the future.