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Employee benefits in Studio Present

As the team grows we, as leaders have bigger obligation and responsibility to make people comfortable. "Make yourself at home" is our motto. 

Our colleges have to be without stress and ready to do their best.

This is not possible to achieve only with good salary. 

This blog post is dedicated to our future employees but also to owners of another business. I want to share our experience and best practices hoping this text will encourage people to promote better workplace conditions.

This is a never-ending list. So far we are doing those:


1. A free library for employees

Every employee has rights to add favorite book titles in one shared list. Studio Present will buy those books twice a year. Later, you as an employee can read a book from another people and vise versa.

Private health insurance

2. Private health insurance

Every regular employee has private health insurance budget of 1.000 EUR. Our insurance has more than 20 clinics. You don't need to wait in public hospitals because you always going on reserved appointment.

Team buildings

3. Team building paid vacations

Once a year Studio Present organize team building trip. You can read a post from our latest at river Tara.


4. Conferences, meetups

Around 5 times a year, we are going, or we are organizing conferences related to our industries. Those can be marketing related, backend, frontend, design, Drupal, ... We have one challenge here. How to make people relaxed to speak with complete strangers from their field of work.

best buy

5. Buying expensive stuff on a credit without fees

Every regular employee has the option to buy stuff. This can be a new notebook or some other appliance. Price is reduced and you don't have any extra interest.


6. Financing sport activities

If you are in sports and you are working at Studio Present you do not have to worry about GYM membership. SP sponsoring any sports recreation.

flexible working hours

7. Flexible working hours

Everyone must do their 8 hours. You can choose when you want to start your day. It can be 6, 7, 8, or 9 AM. Some employees choose to work remote. That is also fine if we have good and regular communication.

For future readings, read post about 10 cultural practices in Studio Present

Ćuković Miloš