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Complex Web Applications

Smart solutions for any situation.

Some companies need only a simple website, but there are more and more who need highly complex web solutions for processes. This is where our team steps in. By making unique web solutions, we give our clients exactly what they imagine.

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In the last few years, we have been creating different web applications and here are two interesting examples:

  • a non-profit educational project for helping thousands of students with preparing for their exams or applying for a scholarship
  • a non-profit project, where we helped more than 10.000 companies apply for non-refundable means, whose total value was more than 160M euros.
How we work

At the beginning of making any web application, the first step and most important is to understand our client’s needs clearly. The next step is to craft the best possible solution. Besides expertise and the ability to deliver a complex project, another key factor is communication with the client, where our project managers play the most important role. These are just some of the many moments hiding behind creating complex solutions.

Solutions for parcel companies

When you’ve made decisions about the most important things in your parcel company, such as cargo, packet dimensions or destinations, the next important step is to leave everything else to us. We will find the most efficient way to digitize the whole process for your company and connect all the dots in one place. By digitizing everything and optimizing the process in the right way, we can help you grow fast.

Digital archive of old books and arts

It's a very nice feeling when you create something for the greater good, for future generations. We created a platform to save digitized old books and arts, to store them safely and make them accessible to everyone. Here, complex web applications meet the culture. Besides being a safety keeper, this platform is also a source of endless knowledge. Just start searching, and a whole new world opens for you. 

System for funding management

We created effective and quality solutions for nonprofits who are funding other NGOs or companies. By creating complex web applications we made the whole founding process much simpler. From applying to signing, including the whole behind the curtain work, our mission was to create the most effective system to handle more than 12.000 applications involved with the project worth more than 160M euros. Of course, it also helped more than 50 employees do their work much more efficiently. 

Warehouse and stocks management

If you have multiple warehouses, many processes and tasks you can’t easily follow, it’s time that we step in. We can make you a custom management solution for warehouses and stocks, which can help you to easily track all changes on a daily basis, make work easier for your employees, control several warehouses and cut the time spent on the administration tasks. With one management application, you get all the work done.

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