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Customers can create their own t-shirts, pillows, mugs, etc. from the pre-defined gallery or they can upload images from any device.

The can be reached from any computer or mobile device. It supports svg, png, jpg and other graphic formats. You can choose from various design options, create your own, and modify your choice. Keep in mind that you are the designer!

BOSS Restaurant

For clients from our neighborhood it is always pleasure to work, especially when you work for the best restaurant in Subotica, it's nice satisfaction for the whole team. BOSS has got a brand new look which emphasizes the novelties on the menu and the information related to the delivery.

Second page on the website is reserved for "Menu". Here, we created a unique search by ingredients contained in food. All graphic elements of the site are the same as in the restaurant, there is also a gallery visitor. At the moment we are developing system for online orders.


The previous shop had very bad user experience and did not have any conversions.

Our goal was to implement a brand new package design into a web shop to increase usability and buy workflow.

Now, with good SEO foundation, this site is selling organic goods on a daily basis.

The New Luxury Residences

Search Portal for exclusive villas and apartments in Greece, Montenegro and Croatia. It is possible to search by map, price, number of rooms, lifestyle.

As an additional option, the questionnaire (the quiz) - filter narrows selection of villa, based on visitor preferences. The site has pages for service, contact and is optimized for mobile devices.

Renner BT

On the Renner BT website we have made fast system navigation with the help of “mega menu” through which the main categories of products can be reached directly.

The products have a code and their features are also listed on the website. Besides the name and the code each product has a longer description about its features, a picture and a cross-sectional view next to one another. In addition, a PDF brochure is available that can be downloaded.


The idea when it comes to Multiactiv was to show the products on the website in 4 different way, so the user can choose how fit him the most. Whether it's by the collection, according to skin type, type of product, or by the skin need.

Clicking on link raspored promocija every user can see, when the promotions of some products will be held and in which location.

There is also a possibility for the skin test. When the visitor fill out the form, he gets the answer with recommended products just for himself. Interactive map shows the shops where you can buy all Multiactiv products.

Home page contains Instagram and Facebook block in order of promotion.


The website we created for Europetrol enables car owners to choose the nearest gas station and make it their favorite with the ability to see real time updates of fuel prices.

Price synchronization is done several times a day.

Besides that, here is VIP club registration system for loyalty program which makes it one of the most advanced gasoline sites in Southern Europe.


A shop for baby apparels, toys and educational materials for kids. The focus is on the PINO TOYS brand, where the website owner can set the order of the categories.

We are proud of the “Promo paket” option where particular discount can be specified for the product set.

Quick changes to the prices via .csv files are only one out of several options that make an online shop’s administration easier.


Website for an investor. Designed to present apartments for sale which are already built or under construction. Each building has its own general description of the functionality and the materials which are used. 

For each apartment there are several types of display, basic numerical information, area of the apartment, number of rooms, etc. Galleries in  3D ambience , outdoor perspective of facade and location of the apartment in relation to other apartments in the building. Through the site visitors can contact customer service or to schedule an appointment with a sales agent.


Panorama Aqualux offers rooms, apartments, and reservations that are the most important part of the site where the user goes step-by-step and chooses the room type, number of guests, dates and other details.

The website is available in English as well, because sometimes guests from foreign countries visit.


Jewellery Gallery.

Handmade jewelry, inheriting a long tradition of knowledge. Jewelry is presented through 5 categories and the site has 5 languages. Also, the site has implemented blog.


Web portal which is primarily intended for visitors from German-speaking countries with the necessary information for ophthalmology and dentistry in Serbia.

The site is divided into two sections (ophthalmology and dentistry) with detailed contact forms that potential patients can fill if they want a particular service. On the site you can read about clinics with detailed descriptions and biographies of doctors. When you click on the Serbian language site "transforms" and shows offers for patients from Serbia interested in precise and quality diagnostic examinations abroad.


Website / catalog of brands and products represented by Lomax . The specificity is reflected in the fact that the products can be viewed through the categorization of brands or the classical categorization of products.

There is a system which can be used to download the catalog of each manufacturer so merchandiser easily can make product placement. In the background, the system is also a database of all images and educational materials for employees and partner markets.


The Berko company does not have a classical multilingual site. The focus is on visual parts because of the site’s language mix.

Customers can easily find what they need with the help of the rich visual content, pictures and symbols.


The website shows a lot of auto parts which are nicely categorised making it easier for the user to find.

The site is linked to 3 external stocks and to one of its own stocks. It is easy to update and follow the range of products and prices through the json technology.


Web shop for car tools, tailored primarily for auto mechanics. 

Quick menu for different variations of car tools directly from category and add to cart. Connecting to a shipping service (integration with Bex courier). Automatic updates of prices and stock. The system is based on a custom PresentCommerc. Also, site is optimized for mobile.


You can see "Pralex scrolling" that makes the website more dynamic.

Design is based on the original package that was converted from print media to digital.

In addition, the presentational catalogue can be turned into a web shop anytime.


One of the biggest car houses in Subotica with 35 years of experience including services, a showroom and a shop for car equipment parts.

On the website you can have a look at the online version of the car house with its showroom. It was designed the way that it enables you to ask questions with the help of the contact form.